E.g., Feb 21 2020
E.g., Feb 21 2020
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New research from Michigan Ross Professor Martin Schmalz reveals a side effect of the expansive growth of institutional investors.

How does the growing problem of water access affect a company’s stock value? Research by Professor Peter Adriaens explains.

You’ve heard of the gender pay gap, but how about the gender stock trading gap? Read what Professors M.P. Narayanan and Nejat Seyhun found.

Can companies time the market to their advantage when they do stock buybacks? New research by Professor Amy Dittmar has answers.

New research finds companies sometimes distort investments to influence credit ratings.

Public sentiment is a factor in housing prices, but one that’s hard to measure. That is, until Prof. Cindy Soo found a way.

How do people form expectations about inflation? Prof. Stefan Nagel’s research shows past experience is the key.

Do employee stock ownership plans achieve results? Prof. E. Han Kim’s research found the answer.