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PHoto illustration with doctor, virus, lungs, medical chart

Michigan Ross Professor Scott Page uses models to identify potential lasting change.

Photo illustration with gavel and folder

Corporations seek and secure favorable legal decisions by retaining attorneys who have worked for or studied with federal judges, a new study reveals.

In an interview with Forbes, Professor Emeritus Kim Cameron discusses “survivor guilt” and “survivor envy.”

Photo illustration of woman walking with box full of items from desk

Michigan Ross Professor Shirli Kopelman tackles a tricky situation on the Dear HBR: podcast.

Illustration of virus and globe

Professor Andy Hoffman appears on “The Conversation Lab” podcast.

photo illustration of chess pieces

What can a mathematician, peace activist, and environmentalist who came to prominence over half a century ago teach the business community in the 21st century?

Illustration of two people working separately at laptops with cloud of ideas between them

Michigan Ross Professor Emerita Jane Dutton shares her insights on the “WorkLife” podcast with Adam Grant.

illustration of ambulance

Michigan Ross Professor Dave Ulrich explains the four phases of a crisis — and what to do in each one.