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E.g., Feb 23 2020
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Center for Positive Organizations
March 11, 2020
2:30 pm
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Research by Professors Nejat Seyhun and Cindy Schipani shows some executives still play timing games.

Professor Gautam Kaul says learning about the trade-offs of business puts people on the right path in finance.

New research by Professor Martin Schmalz and PhD student Sahil Raina shows many of the largest banks in the U.S. have the same owners, and why that’s bad for consumers.

New Michigan Ross research shows women-led startups fare worse unless funded by a venture capital group with a woman partner.

Michigan Ross Professor E. Han Kim expects the M&A party to continue.

Michigan Ross professor says focus on the long term when it comes to the yuan.

Where do research ideas come from? In this video, Michigan Ross Professor Stefan Nagel explains the genesis of his study on how we form expectations about the economic future.

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Professors Cindy Schipani and Nejat Seyhun offer a solution to better define and identify illegal stock trades.