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February 20, 2017
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Center for Positive Organizations
April 24, 2017
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Long-run labor market trends have not been favorable to many workers in the United States.

Changing technology and globalization have undermined the demand for the skills needed in traditional middle and low-wage occupations, leading to stagnant wage growth and a gradual, but steady erosion of employer-sponsored health insurance.

U-M findings from official Healthy Michigan Plan evaluation, co-authored by Professor Thomas Buchmueller, show financial impact on hospitals.

Professor Thomas Buchmueller says insurance companies didn’t have a clear picture on consumers when the exchange opened.

Professor Thomas Buchmueller, writing in Fortune, analyzes the healthcare proposals of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Professor Amir A. Ghaferi, in Harvard Business Review, outlines the next big innovation in patient safety.

Research by Professor Sarah Miller shows improvements in financial well-being, healthcare utilization, and coverage for low-income people.

New study shows a 50 percent drop in uninsured care in expansion states, compared with no change in non-expansion states.