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E.g., Dec 1 2020
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Photo illustration of medical supply chain

A smooth-running global health supply chain is always essential, yet a once-in-a-century pandemic has challenged it like no other time.

Understanding those challenges and exploring ways to boost resilience were among the key topics of this year’s Global Health Supply Chain Summit, a three-day event that kicked off Nov. 17. Experts assembled — virtually, of course — across the globe to learn and share experiences about managing supply chains for and during COVID-19.

Photo illustration of school books, apple, face mask, and hand sanitizer

Center for Positive Organizations faculty director counsels parents in new essay.

PHoto illustration with doctor, virus, lungs, medical chart

Michigan Ross Professor Scott Page uses models to identify potential lasting change.

Photo illustration with money and stethoscope

Michigan Ross Professor Thomas Buchmueller and colleagues explore three key areas of improvement.

Photo illustration of computer screen with COVID-19 data

Michigan Ross Professor Scott Page offers guidance for understanding the progression of COVID-19.

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Research from Michigan Ross Professor Thomas Buchmueller and colleagues found that unemployed workers were less likely to leave the labor force in states that expanded Medicaid.

Photo illustration of insurance form and stethoscope

Black and Hispanic Americans are still less likely than non-Hispanic whites to have health coverage, and more likely to avoid care because of cost


Photo of pile of past-due bills

Research by Michigan Ross Professor Sarah Miller and colleagues identifies long-term negative impacts.