E.g., Feb 20 2020
E.g., Feb 20 2020
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Center for Positive Organizations
March 11, 2020
2:30 pm
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New book by Professor Robert Quinn provides the building blocks of a positive business culture.

Michigan Ross Professor Lynn Wooten gives a step-by-step guide on how to handle a crisis, and prevent the next one from happening.

Michigan Ross Professor Dave Ulrich puts the candidate’s leadership ability to the test.

Professor Robert Quinn wonders why meetings often become boring and has some ideas to boost engagement.

Professor Dave Ulrich shows the basic elements of how to keep momentum when leading change.

Busier than ever? Then it’s even more important to make time to reflect at work, says Michigan Ross Professor Scott DeRue.

Michigan Ross Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks shows how reading collective emotional cues plays a big role in how well leaders connect with teams.

Michigan Ross Professor David Ulrich outlines a rigorous way to evaluate leadership through the eyes of investors.