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Center for Positive Organizations
April 24, 2017
4:00 pm
There are no Executive Education Programs that match the criteria.

Michigan Ross professors find video game players respond to different incentives depending on their level of play.

Professor Scott Rick explains how marketing can help guide decision-making in a way that creates mutual benefit.

Professor Aradhna Krishna, writing in Quartz, says media emphasis on hate crime acts risks normalizing the behavior.

Professor S. Sriram explains why pooling news personnel might be the way of the future.

Michigan Ross faculty explore the new retail buzz.

Professor Aradhna Krishna, writing in The Conversation, explains the psychology behind questionable poll data.

Lecturer Marcus Collins shows why advertising agencies are facing the same threats as the music industry.

Professors M.S. Krishnan and Puneet Manchanda explain the complexity of the problem and what’s at stake.