E.g., Dec 8 2019
E.g., Dec 8 2019
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Center for Positive Organizations
December 12, 2019
4:00 pm
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Lecturer Marcus Collins shows how understanding human networks is key to understanding consumer behavior.

New research by Professor S. Sriram shows why newspapers raise subscription prices despite lower demand.

New research by Professor Kanishka Misra shows consumers pick the healthier option when they can see the price difference.

New research by Professor Yesim Orhun and PhD student Mike Palazzolo shows why low-income people are less able to buy in bulk for greater savings.

New research by Professor Aradhna Krishna shows people react differently to placement of emotional and rational appeals.

Michigan Ross professors explain strategies behind Black Friday and holiday sales.

In Harvard Business Review, Professor Carolyn Yoon says marketers should make more use of fMRI technology.

Professor Scott Rick writes in Forbes about why birds of a different financial feather often don’t make a great match.