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E.g., Dec 8 2019
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Center for Positive Organizations
December 12, 2019
4:00 pm
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Foreign films can be a tough sell. Research by Prof. Michael Jenson shows how they can be more successful.

Can you imagine a smell by looking at a picture? Prof. Aradhan Krishna’s research shows how you can “smellize.”

How can marketers make accurate forecasts amidst confusing reams of data? Prof. Eric Schwartz has found a way.

Why would people risk cheating at work for low stakes? Prof. Scott Rick explains surprising findings.

Do online newspaper ads steal from the print version? Find out the real source of newspaper advertising losses.


Environmentally responsible companies like to tout green credentials, but a study shows it’s a tricky line to walk.

When a product or service launches, do the usual rules apply? Learn what Michigan Ross professors found.


Online shoppers often turn to product reviews, but how reliable are they? Research shows less reliable than you might think.