E.g., Dec 5 2019
E.g., Dec 5 2019
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Professors Cindy Schipani and Nejat Seyhun find independent directors aren’t as effective as advertised and suggest needed reforms.

Research by Michigan Ross professors suggests new rule for brokers and advisers doesn’t address some problems.

Research by Professor Nejat Seyhun shows some general counsels dump company stock before fraud is made public.

Research by Professors Nejat Seyhun and Cindy Schipani shows some executives still play timing games.

Professors Cindy Schipani and Nejat Seyhun offer a solution to better define and identify illegal stock trades.

You’ve heard of the gender pay gap, but how about the gender stock trading gap? Read what Professors M.P. Narayanan and Nejat Seyhun found.

Executives influence their compensation by playing “dating games” with stock options, research shows.

Professor Nejat Seyhun’s research shows “walls” fail to curb conflicts at securities firms.