E.g., Feb 27 2020
E.g., Feb 27 2020
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Angry customer

Study shows cultural diversity, along with the anger level of customers, impacts final outcomes of service complaints.

Employee evaluation

Negotiations expert Shirli Kopelman offers advice on addressing perceived pay unfairness.

Professor Shirli Kopelman shows why emotions are an important resource in negotiations.

New research by Professor Shirli Kopelman shows expressing sadness can be effective in negotiations.

Writing in Inc., Professor Shirli Kopelman shows how making money, being happy, and doing good for society aren't mutually exclusive.

How do you get better results in negotiations? Be yourself. Professor Shirli Kopelman explains in her Harvard Business Review blog post.

Want to get better results when negotiating? Prof. Shirli Kopelman shows you how, and the key is to be yourself.

Negotiators who make the first move do better, but pay the price of anxiety. Find out how to change that.