E.g., Feb 27 2020
E.g., Feb 27 2020
Open Filters

Michigan Ross Professor Andy Hoffman leads discussion on the role of academics in the public debate.

In a new book, Michigan Ross Professor Andy Hoffman explains how to have a more productive conversation about climate change.

Prof. Andy Hoffman, writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, says academics should make themselves a part of policy debates.

In Stanford University Press blog post, Professor Andy Hoffman shows how politics trumps science in the climate change debate.

Should academics get involved in public debates? If so, how and when? Professor Andrew Hoffman looks for answers.


Environmentally responsible companies like to tout green credentials, but a study shows it’s a tricky line to walk.

Does your business have a climate change strategy? It should, and Prof. Andrew Hoffman explains why.

It’s time to move beyond the idea of doing less harm, Prof. Andrew Hoffman says. Instead, focus on flourishing.