E.g., Feb 25 2020
E.g., Feb 25 2020
Open Filters

Professor Eric Schwartz leads effort to predict which homes are more likely to have water service lines made of lead.

Professors Eric Schwartz and Jacob Abernethy, in The Conversation, detail the analytics they used to predict areas of high lead risk.


“Big data” has become one of the latest business buzzwords. But Eric Schwartz, professor of marketing, thinks we spend a lot of time collecting data and not enough time making sense of it. Just because we have massive computing power and are drinking from the firehose of real-time data is no reason to ignore decades of sound statistics and economic theory that help us understand what the data truly mean, he says.

Q: What Are You Thinking About?


How can marketers make accurate forecasts amidst confusing reams of data? Prof. Eric Schwartz has found a way.