E.g., Jan 20 2020
E.g., Jan 20 2020
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Research by Jose Uribe and Maxim Sytch finds that past relationships can lead to longer court cases, greater lost market value.

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Study from Professor Maxim Sytch and colleagues finds the market can penalize 'matrix' firms 

Michigan Ross Professor Maxim Sytch shares a simple exercise to measure your job security––and ways to make yourself more indispensable.

Informal power is the new currency at work. How much do you have? 

Writing in Huffington Post and Quora, Professor Maxim Sytch explains the dynamics that will force changes in how we approach leadership.

New research by Professor Maxim Sytch shows different industries create distinct collaboration networks.

Michigan Ross Professor Maxim Sytch shows how informal power is the new currency in modern organizations.

Industry clusters like Silicon Valley foster economic growth, but the proximity of service suppliers has a downside.