LeaderX (LDRx) provides you with tools and a community to reflect upon your leadership experiences and take control of your development.

Meeting once per week with a small group of 4-6 peers, and utilizing a flexible, discussion-based curriculum, you will advance your leadership development and your group's by increasing self-knowledge, experimenting with new ways of leading, reflecting on results, and synthesizing learning. LDRx is co-created with students who are inspired to build community and habits of lifelong leadership development.

Participants often list LDRx among their most powerful experiences at Ross. The power of your LDRx experience will depend upon your team’s commitment to meeting regularly, completing reflections, and supporting each other's learning.

Skills You'll Develop

Structured Reflection

You know more than you think you know about yourself. Your core values, passions, strengths, and a deeper sense of purpose are discoverable. In LDRx, you'll learn to reflect on the right questions.

Action-Based Learning

Your time a Ross is one big stretch experience, but there's nothing inherent to experience that guarantees learning. In LDRx, you'll discover ways to digest your experiences, capture practical insights, and apply them at Ross and beyond.

Feedback Seeking

Most people are uncomfortable seeking feedback, even though research shows that more than almost any other factor feedback seeking leads to measurable improvements in performance and professional reputation. In LDRx, you'll gain practical experience giving and receiving feedback.

High-Quality Connections

A strong network of peers — built upon mutual positive regard, trust, and respectful engagement — is an invaluable resource to leaders who are committed to lifelong leadership development. LDRx is a great opportunity to continue building yours.

How to Participate

Who Can Participate:

  • Michigan Ross BBA freshmen and sophomores as participants; juniors and seniors as group facilitators
  • Michigan Ross MBA students

There is a competitive application process for each cohort.


  • BBA LDRx runs January - April.
  • MBA LDRx runs October - February

If you are selected to participate in LDRx, the next step will be to attend one of our kickoff events, where our student steering committee will share details of the program year, reveal your team assignment, and get you and your team collaborating on preliminary reflective exercises.

BBA LDRx, Winter 2018 Schedule
In addition to the events below, students will meet 1.5 hours a week with their group
December 14, 2017 Applications due, 11:59 PM
December 21, 2017 Application decisions distributed
January 18, 2018 LDRx Kickoff Event (location TBD)
March 22-23, 2018 Leadership Crisis Challenge
Teams are asked to participate as part of LDRx
Late March / Early April 2018 Program conclusion - Closing event


  1. Apply

    BBA Application
    The MBA application deadline has passed for 2017-18.
  2. Attend 
    Attend the kickoff event, where you will be oriented to the program, receive your team assignment, and begin the LDRx experience.​
  3. Coordinate and Commit
    Work with your team to set a regular meeting time and commit to supporting each other's learning throughout the experience.

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