What is Legacy Lab?

This series of two workshops is designed to help you unlock your personal capabilities and increase your influence. The workshops will be filled with reflective activities, powerful stories, and meaningful engagement with your peers. You will craft your life purpose and vision, clarify your values, and experiment with new ways of acting and leading.

When you leave Legacy Lab you will:

  • Be able to intentionally access a mindset that increases your effectiveness as a leader
  • Find deeper intrinsic motivation and flow
  • Behave differently so that others will follow
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Leadership Skills You’ll Practice


You will deepen your self-knowledge and uncover values, motives, personal attributes, and domains of action that bring out the best in you. You will form habits of structured reflection that can be continued long after your time at Ross.


You will begin to explore a path forward that aligns with your values, goals, and talents. This orientation will help you become more purpose-centered and internally directed as you engage in recruitment and imagine life after Ross.


You will complete individual reflections and small group discussions designed to draw out personal insights. Success will depend on your ability to convey presence, listen actively, ask appreciative questions, support and affirm, and demonstrate care.

How to Participate


Legacy Lab is a workshop-style program that is offered in the Fall and Winter semesters. The content in the Fall and Winter sessions is the same, allowing you to attend at different times throughout the year. Legacy Lab is complimentary for all U-M students.

2018 DATES
Winter A Winter B

Two-Part Workshop:

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 5-7 PM
Blau Hall, B0570
Wednesday, Feb. 7, 5-7 PM
Blau Hall Colloquium, 5th floor

Michigan Ross
700 East University Ave

Two-Part Workshop:

Monday, Apr. 2, 5-7 PM
Monday, Apr. 9, 5-7 PM

Blau Hall, B3560
Michigan Ross
700 East University Ave


  • University of Michigan student (any academic year and school or college)
  • Ability to attend BOTH sessions
  • Deep interest in leadership development, personal growth, and lifelong learning
  • Please note: Ross Leaders Academy and the 2017 MSCM/MM summer leadership series go over many of the same topics Legacy Lab covers. If you have participated in those programs, you may find most of the content very similar. 

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