Fins Up: Preparing for Ross MAP with the Miami Dolphins


By Alexa Likens, MBA ‘16

Having spent five years in South Florida, I was overwhelmed with excitement when I realized that through the Ross MAP course, I could have the opportunity to work for my favorite NFL team.  

The Miami Dolphins are sort of in my blood. Not only do I cheer for them, but my brother is the host of “Finsiders,” the Dolphins’ own radio and TV show. So, when our MAP assignments were released and I was put on the Dolphins project with a few of my Ross classmates, my immediate reaction was to gather all of my Dolphins paraphernalia in preparation for a trip back to South Florida.

When our full MAP team met earlier this year for our first get-to-know-you happy hour, I found myself discussing Dolphins lingo, such as “Fins Up” and singing the team’s fight song. MAP just kicked off this week, and as I think about the opportunity ahead, I cannot imagine when else I would have a chance to work for an NFL organization. Only with Ross MAP.

As the start date approaches, there are four things I am looking forward to:

1. Getting to know my team and working with new people.

I did not know three of my teammates prior to being placed on the Dolphins MAP team with them. I feel fortunate that I will get to collaborate with those I know and connect with additional Rossers to learn from a diverse set of perspectives.

2. Getting a behind-the-scenes look at the Dolphins organization.

As any NFL fan knows, the Dolphins were dominant in the ‘70s and ‘80s with their undefeated team and Hall of Fame quarterback, Dan Marino. The team continues to make changes (players and stadium renovations) to get back on top. Being able to contribute to the success of the organization by helping to create a training program for the staff and players, will be incredible.  

Additionally, this is the first time the Dolphins have sponsored MAP – we would like to be the first of many teams to spend four weeks in Miami.

3. The potential to meet Stephen Ross.

How amazing would it be to meet the real-estate guru, team owner, and of course, the man who’s given his name to the world’s best business school?


Need I say more?

Alexa Likens is a first-year Ross MBA student working with the Miami Dolphins. This is the first in a series of posts from students working inside organizations during Ross MAP this semester.