These Ross MAP Experiences ‘Took Us By Surprise And Will Stay With Us For A Lifetime’


Ross students are spread around the world working with 73 companies and organizations during their seven-week-long MAP experiences.

These are some of the stories they’re sharing on Instagram.

Project Sponsor: Shared-X

Salonee and her team are working with the agriculture startup to help rural farmers in Peru.


Project Sponsor: CARE

Karina and her team are working with the nonprofit Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere to develop an inclusive business plan.


Project Sponsor: Herman Miller

Varun and his team are working with the diversified manufacturing firm to develop a plan to expand their consumer market.


Project Sponsor: PG&E

Sam and his team are working to help the energy company analyze the potential impacts of certain strategies to their business over time.


Project Sponsor: SC Johnson - Mrs. Meyer’s

Farhana and her team are working with the company to identify and recommend strategic growth opportunities for the Mrs. Meyer’s business.



Project Sponsor: RGMVP

James and Sally are working with a team alongside the nonprofit women’s empowerment group to identify ways to strengthen organizational capacity to help deliver results to more women across India.



Project Sponsor: GVK Airports

Tamia and her team are working with the international airport operator to develop a strategy that will help make GVK Airports the most admired in the world.


Project Sponsor: Ashoka

Michelle and her team are working with the company to develop a business plan for a global initiative.


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