Summer is Over. But That's Ok — Here’s How a Few Michigan Ross BBA Students Made the Most of It


By Paul Kirsch

Summer internships are a cornerstone of the final years of a Michigan Ross BBA experience, and over the last few months, our students have logged hundreds of hours working around the globe in internships that took them out of their comfort zones and prepared them to have an impact starting on day one of their future careers. While many students use their internships to gain experience in their industry of choice, many others find out that an industry or company might not be right for them, and they need to continue to explore other career interests — this is a great outcome too!

Students this summer worked for companies in every industry you can imagine, from finance to consulting to consumer packaged goods and everything in between. You name it, and students found an internship to fit their needs.

It would be impossible for me to share all of the incredible stories I’ve heard from our students about their summer internships, but I can’t resist sharing a few of my favorites:

Jasmine Williams, a rising BBA junior, spent her summer working in marketing with Colgate-Palmolive, an internship she landed through her involvement with the Competitive Advantage consortium program. She recently spoke about the experience and the work she did this summer.

“The work that I’m doing I see being used by not just people in my office but people in offices in New York and on the West Coast. It’s so important to me that I impact the company in some way while I’m here, and I can definitely see myself creating that impact currently,” she said. 

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Lisa Le spent all of last semester studying in Padua, Italy, as part of the Ross Semester Exchange program. While she was studying, she was hired for an internship by Italian company DAB Pumps, and, after extending her visa, spent her summer interning there gaining great international business experience. 

Now that she’s back on campus, Lisa will be one of the peer facilitators for our Identity and Diversity in Organizations program this year, a RIS community assistant, and a Preparation Initiative academic success coach for Math 105.

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Our BBA student ambassadors have had quite busy summers as well. Elan Arnowitz spent his summer interning with Marriott International in Maryland, working with their IT team. 

“I learned a lot about the business models associated with franchising and managing properties,” Elan told me recently. “I even created an Excel model that standardized and analyzed cost savings across various Marriott properties — that was a lot of fun.” 



Jared Steinhart, another of our BBA student ambassadors, went above and beyond (and beyond again) completing two internships this summer, along with a host of other activities. 

“I've had a really busy summer so far,” he told me when I asked what he’d been up to. “I kicked it off by going to Israel for 10 days, then I interned with hospitality services at the Detroit Grand Prix. After that, I interned at Penske Automotive Group as a marketing intern. I wrapped up my summer working at my summer camp for a week, then spent another week working at Camp Kesem here on campus.”



Shartia Duckswort, a BBA ambassador and peer recruiter for outreach, wrapped up her internship with Salesforce in San Francisco a few weeks ago, ending a summer filled with helping the technology company move its customer service and marketing automation software forward. This year, she’ll be partnering with the director of diversity and inclusion for Ross to develop a learning tool focused on advocating for the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in business. 

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Internships for Michigan Ross BBA students come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: They’re invaluable experiences. There’s nothing like seeing the impact you can have in an organization and practicing your skills firsthand in order to prepare for your future career. 

I know these five, and all Ross students, are well-prepared to hit the ground running and leave an impression wherever they start their careers once they’ve finished their Ross education. 


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