Even if you’re not a business major, enrolling in Ross courses can complement your undergraduate degree and give you a competitive advantage in your chosen field.

Note: Some courses may require prerequisites or instructor permission to enroll. Contact rossregistrarsoffice@umich.edu for course registration questions. If you want to learn more about business career paths, schedule a meeting with a career counselor at U-M Career Center.

Not just number crunchers and tax preparers, accountants are business and financial strategists. They analyze numbers and relationships to determine their potential impact on business decisions for investors, creditors, and management.

Ross Electives: 

Optional Graduate Program: Ross’ eight-month Master of Accounting degree provides a comprehensive understanding of accounting in the corporate world and prepares you to meet Certified Public Accountant requirements. An undergraduate degree in business is not required. For more information, visit the Master of Accounting page

Consultants advise corporations, governments, and nonprofit organizations on topics ranging from operations to human resources to information technology. Electives will enhance your ability to analyze problems, develop strategic solutions, and understand how to apply these skills within consulting firms.

New businesses add jobs to the economy and can introduce new technologies that transform the way we live. This requires entrepreneurs to be effective leaders who are familiar with advanced technology.

Finance & Banking
This sector includes corporate finance, commercial or investment banking, sales and trading, and risk management. You will gain a better understanding of how money moves through an economy and learn how firms, organizations, and individuals manage and invest funds within markets.

Within finance and banking, you’ll find more specialized paths:

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance professionals work on the financial needs of their firm, including cost analysis, internal audits, and business development.

Ross Electives:


Investment Banking

Investment bankers serve the financial needs of corporate clients by providing financial advisory services, including investment options and raising capital.

Ross Electives:


Personal Wealth/Asset Management

These professionals work with institutions or individual clients by providing financial advice and services to maximize their investment potential.

Ross Electives:

Management & Human Resources
If you are considering a job as a manager, you will benefit from understanding the functional areas of business, including accounting, finance, operations, and marketing. In addition, you will benefit from coursework in management, law, ethics, communication, and organizational behavior.

Ross Electives:

Optional Graduate Program: Our new, 10-month Master of Management program is designed for new bachelor’s degree graduates with little to no full-time work experience who are interested in learning the essentials of business. The program is ideal for students with a strong liberal arts, science, or engineering background. For more information, visit our Master of Management page


Marketing involves developing strategies for the promotion, development, pricing, and distribution of a product or service. As a marketer, you may analyze a potential customer base or plan a campaign to build a brand.

Within marketing, you’ll find more specialized areas:


Advertising professionals communicate the value of products, services, and organizations to consumers.

Ross Electives:


Market Research

Professional market researchers gain understanding of targeted markets, trends, and clients by analyzing data, then incorporating this into a marketing strategy.

Ross Electives:


Product Management

Especially common in the tech industry, product managers translate customer demand into product development and create effective marketing and communications plans.

Ross Electives:

Nonprofit & Social Impact
This sector welcomes managers with a business education. You might pursue a career in education, health advocacy, environmental protection, or community development – but business principles and skills will improve your ability to serve.

Selling creates revenue for every business. The sales profession allows you to be measured as an individual contributor in your area of responsibility. Sales professionals make decisions that maximize productivity, and top performers have the potential for very high compensation.

Selling creates revenue for every business. The sales profession allows you to be measured as an individual contributor in your area of responsibility. Sales professionals make decisions that maximize productivity, and top performers have the potential for very high compensation.  

Ross Electives:

If you’re interested in sales, you may be interested in our sales course track. You may also want to participate in various extracurricular and experiential activities, such as a sales internship, an active membership in the Wolverine Sales Club, participation in a college-level sales competition, and interaction with sales-management professionals.

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If you are currently enrolled at the University of Michigan, email MichiganRossSalesTrack@umich.edu to be added to an email group that will be used to distribute more information on courses, employment opportunities, information sessions, and guest speakers.

Supply Chain Management
This field studies the movement of information, products, and services within and between companies and other entities – also covering quality control. It requires a deep understanding of how systems work and a willingness to apply scientific methodology to decisions.

Ross Electives:

If you are interested in supply chain management, you may also want to explore the resources available through the Tauber Institute for Global Operations.

Optional Graduate Program: Ross’ Master of Supply Chain Management program develops the next generation of supply-chain leaders. The one-year format offers a tremendous return; exposes students to an end-to-end holistic supply-chain education; and provides a summer consulting engagement with Fortune 100/200 companies. For more information, visit our Master of Supply Chain Management page

Action-Based Learning
Michigan Ross offers several undergraduate courses that allow you to directly apply course content to real-life situations. Some allow you to work collaboratively with corporate sponsors, participate in consulting projects, and create innovative ideas and products.