In this series of blogs, Michigan Ross MBA students reflect on their time in what’s been named “The Best City to Live” in America.

They moved here from coastal cities and international deserts. They spent years in the U.S. Army and grew up in wine country. They left Texas and the United Arab Emirates and California to get an MBA in Michigan — so what has it been like for Michigan Ross MBAs to call Ann Arbor home?

On Moving From A City And Being Surprised By Ann Arbor

By Joe Price, MBA ‘16; and Holly Price, MBA ‘17

Joe and Holly are married Ross alumni from Houston, Texas. When they left the city for Ann Arbor, friends and family had them question what they were getting themselves into. "Why would you want to live in Michigan?" They'd ask.

Three years later, they had some incredible answers to that question and were sad to be leaving behind some of what made Ann Arbor so special.


On Living In Both The Hottest And "Coolest" Places In The World

By Maaz Khalid, MBA ‘18

For a Pakistani kid raised in the UAE, the temperature change from the desert to the streets of Ann Arbor wasn’t the most shocking thing — it was the rich arts and entertainment scene available in Ann Arbor that stands out. 

Read about Maaz’s journey through 139 years of incredible music and arts throughout the city. 


On Finding A Few New Hometown Favorites

By Luis D. Quinonez, MBA ‘18

Luis was homesick before he even left Sacramento to move to Ann Arbor. But it wasn’t long before his uncertainty faded away and morphed into a love for some new “hometown favorites.”

What makes the “must-do” list for a transplant from wine country? In this post, Luis takes you through his new favorite hangouts.


On Never Knowing Who You're Going To Be At Dinner With

By Kris Franks, MBA ‘18

Ann Arbor attracts some of the brightest and most talented people in the world. And that’s just one of the exciting things Kris discovered about Ann Arbor when she moved here from Charlotte, NC.

Find out what she’d spend her entire day doing if she had just one day left in Ann Arbor.


On Creating A Life Outside Of The Classroom

By Chuck Robitaille, MBA ‘18

For hopeful MBAs with spouses and children, the decision to move to Ann Arbor can be a stressful and uncertain one. Chuck and his family have found both a supportive environment at Ross and a sense of community around Ann Arbor that takes that stress away and makes them feel right at home.


If You Only Have Limited Time in Ann Arbor, Here's What You Must Do

Download our quick guide to hangouts and hot spots for our best suggestions on how to get the most out of your 1 hour, 12 hours, or 24 hours in Ann Arbor.