The world today is more dynamic, complex, and challenging than ever before. Your education should embrace this reality and prepare you to succeed in it – as you start your career, and throughout your life.

It should develop the knowledge, leadership skills, and analytical ability you need to turn those challenges into opportunities. It should teach you to cross boundaries, tear down walls, and find connections.

Our three-year MERGE program – Multidisciplinary Exploration and Rigorous Guided Education – combines data-driven analysis with the freedom to pursue your own interests. You begin with a groundbreaking course that explores the Ross vision of leadership and positive business. In the integrative semester junior year, you look at one group of cases from the different perspectives of each course you take. And a senior capstone experience brings together everything you’ve learned.

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Learn by Doing
Gain hands-on experience throughout the curriculum

The best way to learn is by doing.

We take this concept seriously, and it’s a vital part of your BBA education. Ross emphasizes hands-on experiences: You can work with real companies on creating strategies; learn about stock trading on our fully functional model trading floor; and even get support and funding for your entrepreneurial idea from the Zell Lurie Institute.

Recommended Courses:

ES445 Base of the Pyramid Business Innovations

TO482 Projects in Operations, Procurement & Supply Chain Mgt.

Carson Scholars program in Washington, D.C.

Positive Business
Experience how business can be a force for good

Business can and should be a force for good in the world.

This is one of our core beliefs. It’s the theme of the introductory class that every Ross sophomore takes. It thrives in special institutes at Ross like the Center for Positive Organizations and the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise. It is integral to the entire BBA program, both inside and outside the classroom.

Recommended courses:

Business & Leaders: The Positive Difference (BA200)

The Corporation in Society (Strat 411)

Learn to Lead
Develop your leadership skills

Learn to lead at Ross.

Opportunities to develop your leadership skills are present throughout the Ross BBA experience. You can take charge on team projects, and help direct one (or more) of our student clubs. The Sanger Leadership Center strengthens your skills with a series of special programs, in which you’ll be challenged to deal with a mock business crisis, help with a real-world project to improve life in Detroit, and more. At Ross, you’ll go from being one of the group to the one leading the group.

See also:

Impact Challenge

Crisis Challenge

Carson Scholars program in Washington, D.C.

Integrative Thinking
Weave together the different business disciplines

In our unique integrative semester, you look at a set of cases from different business perspectives. Then the next year, round out your education with a capstone course that can be research-centric, career-focused, or an integrated academic experience.

Recommended Courses

Integrated capstone courses:

Financial Statements Analysis (ACC 318)

Business Systems Consulting (TO 465)

Professional capstone courses:

Entrepreneurial Management (ES 395)

Applied Quant/Value Portfolio Management (FIN 334)

Research-based capstone courses:

Business and the Public Policy Process (LHC 489)

Senior Seminar (BA 380)

Inter-Cultural Experiences
Study abroad and gain a new perspective on your world

To understand the global economy and modern culture,
nothing beats
studying abroad.

As a Ross BBA, you’ll have chances to spend a few weeks or a full semester in another country. Our Global Initiatives office offers opportunities during winter break and over the summer, and our flexible course schedule lets you spend your entire winter term of junior year abroad.

But getting a fresh perspective doesn’t just mean seeing other countries; it also means seeing the world around you in new ways — and at Ross, you’ll learn to do that too. Panel discussions, workshops, field trips, and other activities will deepen your understanding of your own identity and the value that different perspectives bring to an organization. In addition, programs like the Impact Challenge develop your leadership skills while you work on a hands-on project to improve life in Detroit.