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Michigan Ross Professor Aneel Karnani says it’s time for an evidence-based public discussion on the best ways to fight the obesity crisis.

We call it job-crafting. There are all these things you do around the edges of your work to make it more engaging. They don’t require the permission of your boss or a change in your job description. They’re within the control of the employee.

-- Gretchen Spreitzer, Keith E. and Valerie J. Alessi Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Management and Organizations, on how to find happiness at work.  Fast Company, Sept. 1, 2015.

Professor Robert Quinn wonders why meetings often become boring and has some ideas to boost engagement.

New teaching case study gives an insider’s perspective on a major cross-sector partnership at a crossroads.

Michigan Ross Professor Tom Lyon and colleague Jay Shimshack look at the stock returns of green companies.

New research by Professor Shirli Kopelman shows expressing sadness can be effective in negotiations.

New research from Professor Leigh Tost shows power doesn’t always lead to corruption — it can lead to generosity.

Michigan Ross Professor Amitabh Sinha looks at the thinking behind Amazon’s reported drive-through experiment.