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New research by Michigan Ross Professor M.S. Krishnan shows whether state IT investments pay off.

The quality and quantity of hotels, formal lodging, is not perfectly matched with demand because we have spikes. Airbnb has the ability to soak up all this extra demand, but if there is no demand, nobody loses anything, so to speak.

-- Puneet Manchanda, Isadore and Leon Winkelman Professor of Marketing, on Airbnb's place in the tourism industry.  USA Today, March 24, 2015.

Michigan Ross Professor David Ulrich outlines a rigorous way to evaluate leadership through the eyes of investors

Michigan Ross professors detail ways to be a social ‘intrapreneur’ in established companies.

New research by Michigan Ross Professor Jim Westphal shows a successful way to interact with high-status colleagues.

New research from Michigan Ross shows more dynamic warning signs could improve driver reactions and reduce accidents.

Professor Ravi Anupindi explains how to create symbiotic supply relationships that grow the pie for everyone.

In a new book, Michigan Ross Professor Andy Hoffman explains how to have a more productive conversation about climate change.