More information?
More information?

Michigan Ross Professor Achyuta Adhvaryu shows that looking only at energy savings doesn’t give the full picture.

Uber is not in a position to let their algorithm work and float prices to the market-clearing level, so they’re actually keeping prices below what the drivers want, in order to gain market share.
-- Wally Hopp, senior associate dean for faculty and research, on the new ride-sharing services and driver income. Slate, Oct. 27, 2014. 

In Stanford University Press blog post, Professor Andy Hoffman shows how politics trumps science in the climate change debate.

Writing in Inc., Professor Shirli Kopelman shows how making money, being happy, and doing good for society aren't mutually exclusive.

Michigan Ross Professor Jeff DeGraff shows his four steps to get creative projects off the ground.

New research from Michigan Ross Professor Martin Schmalz reveals a side effect of the expansive growth of institutional investors.

Professor Puneet Manchanda dives into Alibaba’s Taobao website to find out who drives more traffic – buyers or sellers.

Their use is growing and getting more restrictive, but it's not the CEOs we should worry about, says Professor Norm Bishara.