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Business leaders show how they’re changing their organizations, and society, for the better at the Michigan Ross Positive Business Conference.

Professor Dana Muir explains the U.S. Department of Labor’s renewed effort to hold financial advisers more accountable to their clients.

Writing at, Professor Martin Schmalz shows why the big index funds squelched Nelson Peltz’s DuPont bid.

Busier than ever? Then it’s even more important to make time to reflect at work, says Michigan Ross Professor Scott DeRue.

Michigan Ross Professor Andy Hoffman leads discussion on the role of academics in the public debate.

In Harvard Business Review, Professor Gretchen Spreitzer explains why people in co-working spaces feel more engaged.

In many ways, this is vertical integration. Verizon and AT&T are carriers, but they want to get into media and content to increase the opportunity for revenue.

-- M.S. Krishnan, Accenture Professor of Computer and Information Systems and Associate Dean of Global Initiatives, on the strategy behind the Verizon's AOL acquisition.  Forbes, May 13, 2015.

Businesses must learn to innovate in new ways to serve the world’s poor and improve their lives.