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Michigan Ross professor says the marketing data revolution is just getting started.

Michigan Ross lecturer says big cities will continue to draw the best and brightest, with Detroit on the rise.

Michigan Ross professor sees consumers combining the best of online, offline, and mobile while winning companies master this mix.

Michigan Ross professor shows how you can go shopping and feel good, but also protect yourself financially.

Michigan Ross professor says leaders should step back and think about their purpose and actions to start the year.

Michigan Ross senior associate dean explains why the wage gap hurts everyone and what we can do about it.

Michigan Ross professor sees connected wearables and small-scale manufacturing heating up.

It’s easy to come across to others as not being open to new ideas, even if you consider yourself to be an open person. 
-- Sue Ashford, Michael & Susan Jandernoa Professor of Management and Organizations, on how leaders fall into the trap of seeming closed to new ideas, aka the "hermit crab syndrome." Human Resource Executive, Dec. 4, 2014.