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Applying operations principles to healthcare can save billions of dollars and hundreds of lives. Senior Associate Dean Wally Hopp explains how.

From a PR perspective they know that it’s great to use words like principles and humanity, but I don’t know that that’s actually been internalized by the organizational leadership.
-- David Mayer, associate professor of Management & Organizations on Uber's missteps. Slate, Nov. 23, 2014.

Love them or hate them, noncompete agreements are enforceable in most states. Professor Norm Bishara explains what you should do before you sign one.

Michigan Ross professors see four major themes emerging for this year's holiday retail frenzy.

New research from Michigan Ross Professor Jun Li shows how airlines should adjust to savvy price-shoppers.

Michigan Ross Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks shows how to “be creative” in negotiations and develop solutions in the face of difficulty.

Michigan Ross Professor Achyuta Adhvaryu shows that looking only at energy savings doesn’t give the full picture.

In Stanford University Press blog post, Professor Andy Hoffman shows how politics trumps science in the climate change debate.