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New research by Michigan Ross Professor Jim Westphal shows a successful way to interact with high-status colleagues.

New research from Michigan Ross shows more dynamic warning signs could improve driver reactions and reduce accidents.

Professor Ravi Anupindi explains how to create symbiotic supply relationships that grow the pie for everyone.

In a new book, Michigan Ross Professor Andy Hoffman explains how to have a more productive conversation about climate change.

“People matter and are often the source of meaning at work. If employees believe that they have strong relationships with at least some colleagues at work, colleagues who they care about and who care about them, then they are more likely to thrive. Caring colleagues create a safe space for employees to take risks, have courage and grow.
-- Gretchen Spreitzer, Keith E. and Valerie J. Alessi Professor of Business Administration, on why thriving employees are critical for companies.  Business Insider, Feb. 9, 2015.

Professor Aradhna Krishna, in Harvard Business Review, shows the power of engaging the human senses.

Michigan Ross research breaks new ground on how people make romantic choices by analyzing data from an online dating site.

Prof. Andy Hoffman, writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education, says academics should make themselves a part of policy debates.