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Michigan Ross Professor Bill Lovejoy explains why it’s dangerous to be seduced by a purely information-based economy.

Don’t confuse money with value, say Michigan Ross faculty members Jim Price and Stewart Thornhill.

Michigan Ross Professor Jeffrey Sanchez-Burks shows how reading collective emotional cues plays a big role in how well leaders connect with teams.

We found the more evidence of pleasure, or activation in regions that are targeted by dopamine, the more likely they were to buy the good.

-- Scott Rick, assistant professor of marketing, on your brain's reaction to shopping.  ABC News Nightline, April 13, 2015.

New research by Michigan Ross Professor Joel Slemrod examines whether changes to the income tax return could help cut evasion.

New Michigan Ross research shows why e-commerce in groceries lags in the U.S., and if it might be ready to take off.

New research from Michigan Ross examines people’s feelings when buying potentially embarrassing products online.

Michigan Ross Professor Dana Muir says business lawyers should look for the possible