In our signature MAP course, you spend seven weeks on a full-time project seeking a creative solution to a company’s business challenge.

Enhance your leadership skills, master group dynamics, and apply concepts from the classroom to real challenges in preparation for your internship.



MAP projects conducted by Ross Full-Time MBAs in 2015



Different countries in which students worked on MAP projects in 2015



Ross Full-Time MBAs conducting MAP projects around the world in 2015

As a first-year Ross Full-Time MBA student, MAP takes up the entire second half of your winter term (winter B).

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Each project requires you to collaborate with a team of peers and faculty advisors to confront the ambiguities of a real-world business challenge. You apply academic concepts, problem-solving skills, and creativity to frame and resolve that challenge. At the conclusion of the project, you deliver your analysis and recommendations to the sponsor and Ross faculty in a formal presentation and written report. This is no hypothetical case or project; MAP projects are real - and sponsor organizations expect you to deliver clear outcomes tied to your recommendations.

Breadth and Choice

You will select from a global range of projects in the U.S. and around the world, including emerging and developed markets. You will select from many challenges, issued by all types of organizations -- corporation, nonprofit, public; involving many types of challenges - pricing, market entry, innovation, operations; and several sectors - healthcare, banking, real estate, consumer packaged goods, and more. This year’s projects included developing market entry strategies in Central America and the Caribbean; developing digital banking services in India; and launching a new pharmaceutical product in Europe.

Focus and Intensity

MAP will be your sole focus for seven weeks; you will travel to spend time in the field and with clients. Teams typically stay on-site before developing their final presentations. Each project varies in length of stay. Reflection and synthesis will ensure that the leadership and professional development skills stay with you: at the end of the MAP experience, you will debrief with your team and other teams to reflect on and share what you have learned.