Why Fintech?

Rapid change in the financial sector demands a workforce that understands both the latest technology and its power to redefine business. The Michigan Ross FinTech Initiative equips you to thrive and lead in this new world.

About the FinTech Initiative


Build Your Fintech Foundation.

Learn how the latest financial technology works — and more importantly, learn to analyze a situation to know when and how fintech can provide the solution. 

Ross students working together

Take Fintech Beyond the Classroom.

Build your network and gain valuable hands-on experience by participating in a fintech-focused student club or activity. 

Co-Curricular Offerings


Dig Deeper into Fintech.

Michigan Ross’ involvement in fintech goes well beyond courses and clubs, extending to faculty research, hands-on student consulting projects, and more.

Ross Thought In Action

Cryptocurrencies: High Volatility and Returns

Study by Professor Uday Rajan and colleagues highlights the lack of regulation in the market.
Ross News Blog

Around the World, Michigan Ross MBAs Helped Shape What’s Next in FinTech

Carrying cash has almost become a thing of the past, and soon enough, so will be carrying a wallet: the increasing intersection of finance and technology has made the process of paying for items more virtual than ever before. This sea change is providing tons of opportunities for all kinds of...

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