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Explore some of the ways Michigan Ross is shaping the future with fintech.

Cross-Campus Collaboration

Michigan Ross partners with schools across the university through the U-M FinTech Collaboratory.

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The Collaboratory's interdisciplinary forum gives students and faculty in areas like business, engineering, public policy, and economics the opportunity to advance fintech innovation through cross-disciplinary projects, research, and curriculum.

Michigan Ross Fintech Initiative

Center for Smart Infrastructure Finance

Business Engagement Center

Center on Finance, Law & Policy

Upcoming Fintech Events

Join us for fintech events across the U-M campus.

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More events are coming, please check back soon.

Michigan Ross Research

Ross Thought In Action

Cryptocurrencies: High Volatility and Returns

Study by Professor Uday Rajan and colleagues highlights the lack of regulation in the market.

Initial Coin Offerings Hyped and Dehyped: An Empirical Examination

Professors Andrew Wu and Robert Dittmar find that ICOs have outperformed other cryptocurrencies.

Latest Fintech News

Ross News Blog

WATCH: Co-founder of Fintech firm, Jenny Just, Talks With Michigan Ross Dean Scott DeRue

Recently, Michigan Ross Dean Scott DeRue had the chance to sit down with PEAK6 co-founder Jenny Just, BBA '90, at an alumni RossTalks event in Chicago.
Ross Thought In Action

Forecast 2020 - Fintech: Innovations in B2B Payments; Struggles for Cryptocurrencies

Michigan Ross Professor Robert Dittmar looks ahead to what 2020 may hold in the fintech sector.

Student Voices

Student Voices

Exploring Fintech’s Potential For Impacting Society Through The 2019 FinTech Challenge At Michigan Ross

Finance, technology, and social impact are words that are not often seen together. However, the fusion of these topics is precisely what we were tasked with thinking about as part of the 2019 FinTech Challenge, which took place at the Ross School of Business earlier this year.
Student Voices

Why I Started Michigan’s Biggest FinTech Club, And How You Can Join

By Rishi Prasad, BBA ‘20 As a society, we are in the early stages of one of the largest and most exciting opportunities of our lifetime: the global reimagination of financial services, also known as FinTech. FinTech (“financial technology”) refers to the dynamic and ever-growing intersection...