Students networking in the winter garden
Fintech Co-Curriculars

Build your network and gain valuable fintech experience outside of class. Develop the skills you need to become a strategic decision-maker, an informed manager of tech personnel, or a successful entrepreneur. 

FinTech Challenge 

The annual Michigan Ross FinTech Challenge is a unique, action-based learning opportunity that challenges teams of students to address broad business and societal problems through creative fintech solutions. 

Adrienne Harris Career Talk

Fintech Career Talk
with Adrienne Harris

University of Michigan Professor Adrienne Harris draws on her wealth of experience to offer practical career advice and answer student questions about fintech industry trends, financial inclusion, pitching to investors, and more.

Student Clubs

MBA FinTech Club - Explore FinTech opportunities and gain knowledge through educational sessions, speakers, and career connections.

Michigan FinTech (open to all undergraduate students) - Participate in presentations, conferences, workshops, and action-based learning to drive fintech innovation on campus. 

Michigan Crypto Currency Investment club (MCIC) - build members' background in Web3 technologies through hands-on learning, interactive workshops, industry expert speakers, and more

MBA Crypto Club at Ross School of Business - educating MBA students on blockchain technology and the latest trends, projects, and companies disrupting the world.

Michigan Investment Group - Help manage an equity fund; attend education and networking sessions with top finance and technology firms.

Michigan Code Academy - Break down barriers in the broader U-M community and develop technical skills through extracurricular learning.

Tech Club -  Build your network, learn about trends and developments in the tech industry, and gain career support.

Wolverine Blockchain - Learn about and discuss issues related to blockchain and distributed ledger technology.