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The Yaffe Digital Media Initiative partners with Social Media Week, one of the world's premier conferences and industry news platforms for professionals in media, marketing, and technology, to provide resources to Ross and the larger U-M community. 

Check out their talks from some of the leading voices in digital media, including the head of marketing at Instagram. 

Social Media Week

Meet Marketing-ish 

Find fresh content for the curious hustled into your inbox twice a month. Yaffe's Marketing-ish newsletter is growing its team and is looking for writers, copy editors, graphic designers, and web publishers. Drop a line to [email protected] if you're interested. 


Open Office Hours Podcast

Open Office Hours was our response to COVID-19. In a world where classes—and just about everything else—had moved online, we decided to host a one hour dialogue where students, practitioners, and curious folks alike could “drop-in” in on a virtual session and be a part of a discussion on business careers and creativity.

We’ll be adding past sessions each week and running new sessions every Friday through 2020.

Watch: "This One Thing" 

We asked practitioners who are leading change in their industry: “of all the things written, discussed, and professed about your industry, what’s the one thing people should know if they are interested in navigating the disruption in your field?” Here's their "one thing."

"Check the Rhyme" with Marcus Collins

Hip hop is an unbelievably powerful yet under-researched vehicle for gathering marketing insights. In his video series "Check the Rhyme", co-director of the Yaffe Digital Media Initiative and Michigan Ross marketing professor Marcus Collins (@marctothec) extracts marketing insights from hip hop lyrics and gives these emcees the professorial props they deserve. 

The Yaffe Speaker Series featuring Jason White

An open discussion with Jason White, past CMO of Beats by Dre and current CMO of CuraLeaf.

Jason White

Keynote Talk with Jason White

Q&A session

Q&A session with Jason White