Ross Headshot - Macey Guthery

Macey Guthery

Class of 2025

Before joining Ross, I embarked on a career as a reservoir engineer, gaining valuable experience working with various Independent and Private Equity Petroleum companies. In the early stages of my professional journey, I had the privilege of witnessing both innovative environmental and ethical business practices, as well as instances where resource management could have been more efficient. These experiences ignited my passion for sustainability and prompted my decision to pursue an MBA at Ross. My immediate goal is to secure a role as a strategy consultant, with a clear focus on specializing in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainability. 

One of the key reasons I chose Ross as my academic home was the exceptional 100% response rate I received from current students and alumni during my application process. This level of engagement and support from the Ross community stood out as unparalleled among the schools I considered. The welcoming, social, collaborative, and supportive culture at Ross felt indispensable to my personal and academic success.

Otherwise, I love practicing yoga and enjoy organizing team-building events for various clubs. You can often spot me dancing on top of the BUS, as I believe in embracing life with enthusiasm. I am deeply passionate about engaging in candid conversations and giving back to my community. Whether you want to discuss Ross, Ann Arbor, student clubs, treks, the best coffee spots, or any other topic under the sun, I'm here as an open book, ready to engage in meaningful conversations.