PhD Student teaching

Prepare for a Successful Career in Academia

Your preparation for a tenure-track faculty position begins on day one and continues throughout your doctoral journey. Focused programming, led by Michigan Ross faculty, provides a holistic view of the academic environment and positions you for success. So when it’s time to step into your new role, you will be prepared to make an immediate impact.

Principles of Faculty-in-Training

Discover best practices for writing and presenting research. Learn methodology, how to collect, analyze, and interpret data, and draw conclusions. 


Cover the basics on how to lead a classroom through course and lesson planning, classroom management, various instructional methods, and setting student expectations. Learn how to create positive student interaction, provide and receive feedback, and motivate students.


Michigan Ross PhD students are encouraged to get involved with opportunities where they can make a positive impact in the community.


Master the administrative side of teaching to establish yourself as a valued colleague and enhance your career opportunities. Learn how to set priorities, manage time, work with support staff, delegate tasks, and become a good steward for funding opportunities.

Clare Snyder, PhD student
The emphasis on FIT was a huge reason why I chose to join Ross; from talking with my peers at other institutions I realize how special it is to receive the opportunities we do to develop not only as researchers but also as teachers and colleagues. PhD programs are inherently challenging, but the structure and support FIT provides ensures that we can focus on what matters without having to worry about falling through the cracks.