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Designed With Your Life in Mind

As a leader, you have a lot of demands on your time. It may be hard to imagine earning an Executive MBA on top of everything else. But, it is possible. The key is integrating the program into your personal and professional life rather than trying to balance it all equally. The Michigan Ross EMBA Program is designed so you can do just that – with the support of a community who wants you to succeed. 

Advice to Integrate an EMBA Into Your Life
Manage your expectations.

As a leader, your prioritization, delegation, and management skills can be huge assets in navigating the demands of an EMBA program. However, it’s important to be honest about what you can realistically handle in terms of work, school, and personal commitments. Set yourself up for success by managing your expectations and realizing that it’s simply not possible to do it all by yourself. And that’s ok.

Know your why.

Before making your decision, you must first be clear about why you are going back to school and what you want to get out of it. Is it to provide a better life for your family? To advance your career? To achieve a lifelong dream? Maybe all of the above? When things get difficult, refer back to your why to help keep you motivated and remember why it’s all worth it. 

Maintain open communication.

Communicate regularly with your employer, family, and friends about the commitment you’re making and the extra demands on your time. Ask for help when you need it and be clear about what kind of help would be most beneficial, whether it's covering certain responsibilities at work, helping out more at home, or just providing a listening ear. Keeping the lines of communication open with your support system and stakeholders can help prevent you from overextending yourself and feeling overwhelmed.

Incorporate your family and friends.

Your support system is joining you on this educational journey, so find ways to involve them in the process - talk to them about your work, bring them to events, and celebrate your successes along the way. Their understanding, enthusiasm, and support can be a source of motivation as you work toward your goals. 

Invest in peer relationships.

Building personal relationships with your classmates creates a supportive environment that can significantly enhance your EMBA experience. You are all going through this experience together and are likely facing similar challenges. Your camaraderie and connection can be a source of energy and joy in this shared EMBA experience.  The bonds you form often develop into lifelong friendships and professional connections. 

Plan ahead.

Planning ahead now will help when schedules become more demanding later. Scan your daily life for those opportunities to find the time necessary to achieve your academic goals. Coordinating with those next in line to help out - parents, partners, in-laws, neighbor, friends, and other supporters - can ensure that you have a support network standing by to remove barriers to achieving your goals.  View calendars

Find a culture that fits.

Selecting an EMBA program that aligns with your personal and professional values and goals can make it easier to remain energized and committed. At Ross, you’ll find a culture of inclusion and belonging – one that is built on collaboration and support throughout your time in the program and beyond. A great way to find out if Ross is for you is to attend an on-campus Preview Day

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All In, Together

Hear how the collaborative environment and academic curriculum at Ross has made EMBA students better leaders and the benefits of being surrounded by a diverse and dynamic community.

From our Executive MBAs

Stories of how to make it work are best told by those who have been there. Discover what our students have to say about how they manage these life experiences all at once. 

Invested in your success

At Michigan Ross, no one earns their MBA alone. Our program team provides resources to help ensure your success throughout the program and beyond.

Cohort Managers

Cohort managers offer dedicated support for each cohort of the 21-month program and ensure the program runs smoothly, so you can focus on learning and getting the most out of your EMBA education and network. 

Executive Coaches

Executive coaches offer personalized guidance to help you realize your leadership potential during the program.

Career Consultants

Career consultants provide career management support throughout your time in the program and beyond, helping you develop a customized, comprehensive job-search strategy to identify and achieve your personal and unique goals. 

Jason Smith
My advice on going back to school would be to just do it. There will never be a perfect time, and you'll have plenty of support no matter what life throws at you. The professors, staff, and my fellow students were amazing when my wife gave birth to our second daughter only a month ago. You'll have all the support you need to support your family as you go through the program.
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Learn more about Michigan Ross programs, updates, and events.

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