Exceptional Leaders Aren’t Made by Conventional Education

You’ll learn fundamentals in the classroom, but nothing is as rigorous as real business. Go beyond hypothetical situations and simulations and manage a real business in our Living Business Leadership Experience (LBLE) course.

What is Living Business Leadership Experience (LBLE)?

Effective leaders lead up, down, and across organizations – just as you'll do in the Living Business Leadership Experience course. Work with a company and team of students to establish and run real, profitable enterprises. This could entail new products, business lines, or functional units. This course is open to MBA2s. You must apply and be accepted to join the class. 

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“The mantra of “Learning Business by Doing Business” is what drew me to this course in the first place — and it definitely works. I feel more prepared to lead in my full-time job post business school than ever before.”

— Aaron Schmit, MBA '18, worked with Shinola

LBLE Stories


Scott Skinner, MBA '18 video

Elevating Affordable Housing

Scott Skinner, MBA '18, took LBLE to expand his knowledge of real estate. He worked with The NRP Group to elevate the standard for supportive services like workforce development and transportation in affordable housing communities.

Sponsoring Companies
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the NRP group

Inspired Biometrics

Inspired Biometrics

15 Seconds of Fame 

Technology and digital media 
Develop a strategy for audience growth, analyze supplier networks, and identify existing pain points to help this digital entertainment company expand its social application reach. 

Beilein Basketball 

Media, entertainment, and sports
Conduct a landscape analysis and develop marketing strategies for new market segments. 


Technology and sustainability
Conduct market analysis to identify cases where machine learning can support policy decision-making and protect public health. 

Inspired Biometrics 

Healthcare device startup 
Develop a research plan, compile resources, and conduct expert interviews to generate a viable pre-sales strategy and establish a new digital marketing campaign for Syne.

Morning Brew 

Media, entertainment, and sports 
Generate, assess the viability of, and conduct a feasibility study for potential Morning Brew products.


Healthcare technology 
Create and implement a U.S. market entry strategy for a cutting-edge air filtration system designed to mitigate the transmission of infectious diseases.

The NRP Group 

Real estate and affordable housing 
Focus on the rezoning process and gain knowledge of public markets to combine NRP's site selection process with other successful, affordable development projects. 

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