The Foundation You Need
for a Successful Business Career.

The 10-month Michigan Ross Master of Management program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers core business functions and includes extensive career preparation and action-based learning experiences.

Tap Into the Power of Business

Develop a foundation of business fundamentals in core courses, build your expertise in graduate-level electives, and see how well you know the material by applying it to real business challenges.

Overview of Program Schedule

Program Preparation

Once you're admitted, prepare for graduate-level coursework with online activities, assessments, and resources. These include professional development (career exploration, resume work, developing a narrative), analytical skills practice, (quantitative foundations), and problem-solving exercises.

Summer Term

Begin the program with a series of workshops that introduce you to the key functional areas of business. These are followed by core courses in finance, accounting, marketing, and business communications.

Business Immersion - BA 500 

Applied Business Statistics and Analytics - TO 557

Applied Microeconomics - BE 557

Winter Term

Round out your degree with core courses in operations, business law, strategy, and cost accounting. Take graduate-level electives to further explore core business functions or to enrich your perspective on the use of business in society. Integrate what you've learned throughout the year by applying to take part in the Management Consulting Studio for an experiential consulting opportunity with a real business.

Legal and Ethical Environment of Business - BL 557

World Economy - STRATEGY 558

Master of Management Electives
Please note: Courses displayed represent a selection of MM elective opportunities.

Channel the Leader in You

Making a positive impact in the world starts with being able to communicate a clear and compelling vision. These seminars will help you identify your purpose and develop your personal leadership style.

Business+Impact Challenge

Deliver an innovative solution to a real-world problem facing a Fortune 500 company or community organization in this team-based challenge. 

Create a Lasting Legacy

Unlock your personal capabilities as you take an introspective look at your life and the difference you want to make.

Learn by Doing

Gain professional experience in a real-world business environment in our groundbreaking Management Consulting Studio course. Put the knowledge and business concepts you learn in the classroom to use as you work on a hands-on project for a real company or organization.


Great Wall of China

A World of Opportunity Awaits 

Understand business from a new perspective through a short-term global experience. Take a closer look at international business topics, like luxury brand management or global fintech, in a winter term course  — then explore them abroad during your spring break.   

Short-Term Global Experiences

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