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MBA '15

Regaining Clarity: From Public to Private Sector

The Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) course offers a chance to dip your toes in the water and try on a new career while still within the academic program.
MSCM '19

Driving Supply Chain Innovation in the Department of Defense

Major Julie Aho, MSCM '19, has found her niche in a role that combines her leadership experience with her supply chain expertise. Maj. Aho works at Headquarters Marine Corps in Washington, D.C. as...
PhD '96

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

One of today’s foremost scholars in the strategy field, Gautam Ahuja not only graduated from Michigan Ross, he also taught here for 16 years.
PhD '01

Harvard Business School

The University of Michigan is known for its interdisciplinary focus and a breadth of excellence across academic subjects. While he was studying strategy as a Michigan Ross PhD student, Juan Alcacer...
BBA ’19

Advancing Career Goals as a Transfer Student

Taylor came to Michigan Ross as a transfer student from another university, the least common path. She knew Ross was where she wanted to study, and one major reason was the philosophy of learning by...
Student Profile
MSCM '22/Space Systems MEng '22

Connecting Supply Chain and STEM

Sabrina Archer was no stranger to the University of Michigan upon joining Michigan Ross as a graduate student. She had attended U-M as an undergraduate student, where her time as a Wolverine was...
MBA '16

Maximizing Business Strategies to Help the Community

Ardie chose Michigan Ross largely because of its mission to create a positive impact on society through business. “I have always believed that there is some role that business...
MM '16

Expanding Horizons With Master of Management

After completing her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies at the University of Michigan, Robbie sought to gain a competitive grounding in graduate-level business fundamentals. “I realized...
MBA ’21

Develops Her Leadership Style By Making Her Voice Heard

Amirah Aziz, MBA ’21, never doubted her abilities until she became a student at one of the best business schools in the world. It was at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, one of the...
BBA '15

Expanding His Options Through a Diverse Background

Just because you're in business school doesn't mean you're all about the money. It means that you want to be a better leader.
MM '16

Doing Business in Bogota

“Coming into the program I didn't know the language of business. Now I can speak intelligently about these subjects and know I will be understood.”
BBA ‘19

Experiencing Ross with a Global Perspective

Kow grew up in Ghana, Zambia, and Singapore, and he’s traveled extensively. Although he had been to the U.S. a couple of times, he chose to enroll at Michigan Ross without ever having visited the...


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