E.g., Dec 1 2020
E.g., Dec 1 2020
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Photo illustration of government building and U.S. currency

This is the first in a series of articles asking Michigan Ross professors what they hope to see from the incoming Biden administration on specific business topics. In this post, Assistant Professor of Business Law Jeremy Kress addresses financial regulation.

The general approach of the Trump administration has been to move in the direction of less regulation and less oversight of financial institutions. In broad strokes, what have been the major effects of this trend?

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Michigan Ross Professor Stewart Thornhill offers advice for the pandemic and beyond.

People are very generous — if you ask. Professor Wayne Baker explains how to make a thoughtful request.

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Michigan Ross Professor Jeff DeGraff appears on the Inside Ideas podcast.

Photo illustration of medical supply chain

A smooth-running global health supply chain is always essential, yet a once-in-a-century pandemic has challenged it like no other time.

Understanding those challenges and exploring ways to boost resilience were among the key topics of this year’s Global Health Supply Chain Summit, a three-day event that kicked off Nov. 17. Experts assembled — virtually, of course — across the globe to learn and share experiences about managing supply chains for and during COVID-19.

Test tube

Researchers say findings, recommendations broadly applicable to other states.

PHoto illustration of org chart

Michigan Ross Professor Lindred Greer explains that as much as we might want to abolish them, hierarchies serve a purpose at work.