Be a Leader.

Let’s Do Business

The Michigan Ross curriculum throws you right into the action, excitement, and risk inherent in business. After all, you don’t come to Michigan Ross to be a spectator. You come to be a leader.

Let's Get REAL

At Ross, you can start, advise, lead, and invest in real-world businesses.
We call this Ross Experiences in Action-Based Learning - REAL.

Find What You Love. Do That.

A well-rounded foundation in liberal arts prepares you to thrive in a complex, global society. About half of your classes take place at other schools on campus, giving you the freedom and flexibility to pursue a dual degree, minor, or topic you’re passionate about.

Career coaching

Get Guidance

Even the best leaders don’t fly solo. Your academic advisor will be with you every step of the way, offering support and guidance.

Coaching & Advising

Take a Business Trip

Our Global Student Experiences prepare you to live and work in a global society. Pack your sense of adventure and step outside your comfort zone as you make the world your classroom.

Global Study & Internship Program

Experience distinctive professional growth and a new culture with a Ross Global Internship in a major global business hub.

Global Semester Exchange

Study abroad for a semester at one of 33 partner business schools worldwide to gain new perspectives, immerse yourself in another culture, and network with students and faculty from around the globe.

University of Michigan Global Opportunities

The University of Michigan offers many more opportunities for you to travel, learn abroad. See this page to learn about study abroad, internship, and other global experiences offered by U-M and through the Michigan Ross Global Initiatives Office.

Global Fellowships

The Ross Fellowships are intended for any Ross degree-seeking student to help complete a self-designed project.

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