Go Beyond the Boundaries of the Traditional Classroom.

Prepare to learn business the same way you’ll lead it: across platforms, formats, and locations. You’ll actively collaborate with peers and faculty online — including through regularly scheduled live sessions — and solve challenges together during short-term residencies on campus. 

Get the most out of your experience with the Online MBA

Real-Time Class Sessions

Live, online sessions with faculty and students include case discussions, group work, role playing, and presentations. A typical 2.25-credit course has four of these live events. The majority of course sessions will be held from 6-7:30 p.m. Eastern time or 8-9:30 p.m. Eastern time. 

Self-Guided Study

Short modules, readings, and exercises explain key concepts. Students can work at their own pace on this material as long as they have completed certain designated modules in time for the live learning event.

In-Person Learning

Three residencies in the U.S. or China provide opportunities for in-person learning. 

Domestic students are also eligible to attend elective courses on campus in Ann Arbor.

The Ross Online MBA curriculum is focused on three learning methods:

Engaged Learning 

Let interactive coursework enrich your experience.​

Coursework includes a variety of interactive learning formats, including frequent knowledge checks that allow you and your instructor to monitor your progress and determine where you need further support. 

Social Learning

Make meaningful connections with Ross faculty and fellow students.

Role-playing and group assignments facilitate collaboration during your courses. During in-person residencies, you’ll work with your classmates in person.

Action-Based Learning

Apply your coursework to the real world. 

On-campus residencies test your ability to manage real and simulated business challenges, and during your MAP course, you’ll solve a problem for a real organization. 

Learning Technology   

How you learn is as important as what you learn. Our SmartStage technology and innovative curriculum design supports a world-class learning experience that includes personalized feedback, custom-built simulations, scaffolded exercises, and student-driven discussions boards. 

Expert Faculty, Dedicated to Your Education

Live class sessions and interactive assignments mean your relationship with your instructor will go beyond email. Outside of class time, enjoy easy access to your instructor and create a working relationship that will extend beyond your time at Ross.

Sritheja Gulukota, Online MBA
“I was surprised by the level of interaction in the synchronous sessions despite being virtual! The professors conduct lectures from what seems like a TNT halftime studio with an open space and all of our webcam feeds on the TV behind them. ”
Sritheja Gulukota, Online MBA
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