Navigate Cross-Cultural Business Challenges

Gain practical leadership and advisory experience, or explore a parallel industry or functional role, as part of our Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) course — your second global leadership experience. Apply what you've learned in the classroom to a complex, high-stakes global business project at a sponsor company. All projects will involve global thinking, whether they be market entry projects or operations in other countries, and some projects may include travel to locations inside or outside the U.S.




of 2021 Global MBA MAP teams presented to C-level executives



How MAP Works

Partner with a sponsor — a large corporation, a startup, or a nonprofit — on an immersive, seven-week project to find a creative solution to a crucial organizational challenge. Each project requires you to collaborate with a team of peers and a faculty advisor. At the conclusion of the project, deliver your analysis and recommendations to the sponsor and Ross faculty in a formal presentation and written report.

MAP was truly inspirational. I was surprised by how much I learned from my teammates. Every team member has a different role and brings their diverse experiences to the project so that while we are working together, we're also learning from each other.
Past projects have included

Market Entry Strategy, Strategic Growth Planning, Supply Chain Strategy, Program Development