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Fast Track in Finance

Get a head start in the MBA Program and learn what you need to succeed in careers requiring analytical thinking and financial acumen.

The Fast Track in Finance grants students early access to courses in the STEM-Designated Specialization in Management Science, preparing them to excel in internship positions at the end of their first year and in post-graduation careers in business development, consulting and strategy, corporate finance, impact investing, investment banking, investment management, private equity, venture capital, and technology.


The FTF program starts with an online summer program, which is designed for students who want to gain exposure to more advanced analytical skills sooner in the program without necessarily having a background in finance.

After successfully completing the summer program, students get early access to STEM-designated advanced finance elective courses as soon as they start at Michigan Ross. 

  • Successful completion of the summer program automatically waives you out of the core finance course, Financial Management (FIN 503). Participating students must also successfully waive Principles of Financial Accounting (ACC 502) via either prior experience or the separate online accounting course.
  • Students qualifying for the residential component of the FTF program must take Valuation (FIN 615) during Fall A and are strongly encouraged to also take Corporate Financial Policy (FIN 621) during Fall B and Financial Modeling (FIN 575) during Winter A. All three of these courses are STEM-designated.
Fall AFall BWinter A

Winter B

Corporate StrategyMarketing ManagementManagerial AccountingMAP
Applied MicroeconomicsLeading People & OrganizationsOperations Management
Applied Business StatisticsCorporate Financial Policy 
FIN 621‡
Financial Modeling 
FIN 575‡
FIN 615*
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 Fast Track in Finance 

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Fast Track in Finance FAQs

Fast Track in Finance is a Ross initiative designed for MBA students interested in a broad set of careers requiring analytical skills and financial acumen. The goal is to prepare you for summer internship positions at the end of your first year through an accelerated sequence of courses. All the courses included in FTF are part of the STEM designation. 

Yes. The Fast Track in Finance summer online program requires a $475 fee. Those who are not eligible to waive the financial accounting course via previous experience will need to sign up for the online accounting waiver course and exam. Please note that the course also requires an additional fee of $475.

If you are interested in and determined to improve your analytical and financial skills, you are encouraged to sign up for preparatory work over the summer before classes to assess your readiness to take the accelerated finance courses during your first year. 

Your participation in FTF doesn't limit your career choices to finance. This program is designed for students interested in a broad set of careers that require analytical and financial skills. Hence, all the courses are also part of the STEM designation. 

Waiving out of the core financial accounting course (ACC 502) creates space during Fall A of the first-year curriculum for FTF students to take the most sought-after finance elective (FIN 615).
ACC 502 can be waived via demonstrated previous experience or by passing the online accounting waiver course and exam ($475). Successful admission to the FTF program also results in waiving the core financial management course (FIN 503), making space in Fall B of the first-year curriculum for FTF students to take FIN 621.

The preparatory work over the summer serves as a boot camp to help you demonstrate that you have the minimum knowledge required to ensure effective learning in the finance electives (FIN 615 and FIN 621) during the Fall A and B terms and FIN 575 in Winter A. Several industries recruit summer interns very early, so your preparatory work over the summer helps you establish a first-mover advantage over the competition.

Three STEM-designated courses are currently available for students in the Fast Track: Valuation (FIN 615) in Fall A, Corporate Financial Policy (FIN 621) in Fall B, and Financial Modeling (FIN 575) in Winter A. 

Yes. While the Fast Track in Finance is a great path to an internship, many students obtain finance internships independently of FTF, as there are many paths toward this goal. Securing an internship is critical, however, as many companies are limiting their full-time hires to candidates who have landed internships. If you're looking for a career requiring analytical skills, it's important to prepare as soon as you begin at Ross.     

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