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Online MBA In-Person Residencies

The strongest relationships emerge from shared experiences. Together, you and your peers will be challenged during intensive, action-based residencies. Become a more confident leader, while building the skills and the network you need to succeed.

Residency Details

You’ll attend three residencies (nine credits) over the course of the program. Residencies are currently available each term and last three to five days at the Michigan Ross campus or in international locations. Lodging and meals at the residencies are provided by Ross and are included in the cost of the program, though students bear additional meal costs and travel costs to and from the residency location. 

Four Residency Options

Business Leadership Residency (3 credits)

In this residency, you will learn that effective leadership doesn’t just take place at the top — it happens at all levels of an organization. This intensive experience will encourage innovative thinking and require you to engage in positive team dynamics. 

The goal is to help you hone your natural leadership capabilities using techniques that will help you become a more effective leader in all phases of your career.  You will learn how to enhance your leadership style via the Michigan Model of Leadership. You will also  experience an exciting, 24-hour executive-level crisis simulation during the Leadership Crisis Challenge. 

This residency is offered in partnership with the Sanger Leadership Center and the Center for Positive Organizations. 

Gabby Park, Ross MBA, describes the ins and outs of the Leadership Crisis Challenge

The Leadership Crisis Challenge

Partner with other Michigan Ross students and members of the U-M community to role-play the senior executive team of a company, leading through a high-stakes, high-pressure simulated crisis scenario over a 24-hour period. You’ll test your ability to strategize, think on your feet, and perform under pressure. 

Read more about the Crisis Challenge

This residency is offered in partnership with the Sanger Leadership Center and the Center for Positive Organizations.

Business Transformation Residency  
(3 credits)

Improving an existing enterprise is a ubiquitous management challenge. The comprehensive Business Transformation Residency gives you the opportunity to systematically evaluate a business, diagnose issues and opportunities, deal with ambiguity, and develop strategies for success. 

Through a complex, hands-on simulation, you will develop hypotheses, make decisions, see consequences, reflect on outcomes, and ultimately refine your approach. You will present  your strategy to a board with real business leaders, giving you the chance to get real-time feedback on  your work and the results  you achieved. Through it all, you will gain both a deep knowledge of core business fundamentals and apply that knowledge across functional areas. 

This residency, developed in partnership with the Tauber Institute for Global Operations, will prepare you well for participation in the Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) course. 


Business Innovation Residency (3 credits)

Launching a new enterprise, business unit, product, or service is fundamental to business success. The Online MBA Business Innovation Residency will introduce you to the world of entrepreneurship with both a focus on academic fundamentals and action-based experiences that teach students what it takes to invest in and start a business.

You will participate in hands-on workshops and work with real entrepreneurs as you explore these concepts. 

This high-energy residency, offered in partnership with the Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies, also includes networking with local tech startups and other entrepreneurs. 

Global Business Strategy Residency (3 credits)
Various International Locations

Berlin Residency group photo
Online MBA Global Business Strategy Residency in Berlin

Mastering global business strategy is critical for success in a rapidly-changing world. It prepares leaders to navigate cross-cultural complexities in response to economic and political changes. 

During this residency, you will explore global business strategy through action-based team projects, and apply skills introduced in previous MBA courses. The residency is intended to provide a broad overview of global economies in various international locations, which have included Berlin, Chile, and Italy.You will experience firsthand the global business environment, and deepen your understanding and ability to formulate strategies for successful investments within  international firms. 

Prior to your travels, you will build a framework of knowledge about the country and how both foreign and domestic firms operate competitively, as well as begin to formulate ideas for your final project. You will also participate in social and cultural activities that require leadership skills and teamwork.

Global Residency Requirements

Residencies will be hosted in additional global locations. Students with a U.S. visa can meet the Online MBA residency requirement by attending a combination of international residencies and/or residencies in Ann Arbor. Students without an eligible U.S. visa must meet the residency requirement by attending three international residencies. 

Please contact our admissions team for more details.

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