Invest in Your Future Leaders. 

Let a Michigan Ross Online MBA empower your next line of leadership. Our flexible format allows experienced professionals to continue working while they gain the skills they need to make a long-term impact at your organization.

Almost half of Ross part-time students receive company sponsorship.

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How Employers Benefit

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Elevate Your Talent 

Current employees receive a top-ranked MBA education that empowers them with a foundation in business leadership.

Increase Your ROI

Students can immediately apply their class lessons to the workplace, improving their own performance and your company’s ROI.

Grow Your Network

Your company’s network expands through exposure to other top-tier classmates, 55,000+ Michigan Ross alumni, and more than 645,000 University of Michigan alumni

Advice for Sponsors

Companies structure sponsorship packages in a number of ways, from a percent of tuition to a set dollar amount per year or credit hour.  Companies may also tie tuition support to a promised time commitment to the organization after completion of the degree. 

Please contact with any questions you have about sponsoring a student: or 734-615-6529.

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