Class of 2024 Profile


class size
(Ann Arbor + Los Angeles)

16.3 / 9.2

average years of work / supervisory experience


average salary
(not including bonus)

Class Composition
40 Average Age
24% Women
26% International
19 States Represented
13% C-suite, owners, and presidents
46% Advanced degrees
More than 27 different industries:
Aerospace Hospitality
Agri-business Law
Consulting Manufacturing
Cybersecurity Military
E-Commerce Non-profit
Education Pharma/Biotech
Energy/Petroleum Retail
Financial Services Sports/Entertainment
Government Tech
Healthcare Telecommunications

Join a Class of Students From All Over

19 U.S. states and 9 countries

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World MAP of EMBA students

Race and Ethnicity
(U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents)

The United States Department of Education provides federal guidelines for maintaining, collecting, and presenting data on race and ethnicity. Michigan Ross is required to follow these standards which allow students to self-identify their ethnicity and race, with the option to select more than one race and/or ethnicity, for all federal reporting purposes. The racial and ethnic categories listed here reflect those included in our application process, per federal guidelines. U.S. race / ethnicity is shown as a percent of U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

  Federal Guidelines Multidimensional Reporting
American Indian or Alaska Native 2 2.2% 3 3.3%
Asian American 19 21.3% 21 23.3%
Black or African American 5 5.6% 6 6.7%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 1 1.1% 2 2.2%
Hispanic or Latinx 5 5.6% 5 5.6%
White 42 47.2% 49 54.4%
Not Indicated 7 7.9% 7 7.8%
Two or More Races 4 4.5% n/a n/a

Federal Reporting Guidelines

The second and third columns reflect our student demographic data as reported based on federal government guidelines. Per these guidelines, all students who identify as Hispanic or Latinx and any other race are represented as Hispanic or Latinx only. Students who identify with more than one race are represented as Multi-Race only. The third column sums to 100% but may be slightly lower or higher due to rounding. 

Multidimensional Reporting

In the fourth and fifth columns, we share students' full racial and ethnic identities to more inclusively reflect the racial/ethnic groups with which they identify. As such, students with multi-racial/ethnic identities are represented in more than one row, meaning the fifth column adds to more than 100%.

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MBA '15

Reclaiming Confidence

I am a big believer in leading with your strengths, and Ross encourages that. You don’t need to change who you are — you should be authentic.
MBA '18

Merchandising maven

Amanda developed the Up & Up brand for Target. Her career continues to be on the upswing at Meijer, where she holds a leadership position.
MBA '15

Executing Strategy with Confidence

I use many of the skills I learned at Ross to negotiate and structure deals.
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