Here at the University of Michigan's Stephen M. Ross School of Business, we welcome students from around the globe to our vibrant and distinctive learning community.

In order to officially become a semester exchange student at Ross, your home institution must have an exchange agreement with the Stephen M. Ross School of Business through the Office of Global Initiatives. Check with your home institution's international office to see if you qualify. The nomination process is housed entirely within your home institution's international office.  





  • Spend a semester taking stimulating courses with our world-class faculty in top-ranked MBA and BBA academic programs
  • Take full advantage of career advising with the Ross Career Development Office 
  • Make friends within a diverse student body drawing from all 50 U.S. states and 129 countries
  • Get involved on campus with other students who share your interests (whatever they are) with more than 1,000 student clubs and organizations 
  • Live in one of the "happiest cities in the United States" (we're pretty happy at Ross too!)
  • Join the extensive Ross and University of Michigan networks, with more than 50,000 Ross alumni living and working in 100+ countries, and more than 583,000 U-M alumni residing around the globe 

For more information, check out the Ross School of Business Fact Sheet.


Watch this video to learn about previous incoming exchange students' experiences at Ross! 

"What I like most about Ross is the professors who are very passionate about and professional in their research field. Their passion makes me energetic, and their professionalism inspired me to think more beyond the knowledge."  - MBA Exchange Student 
"The exchange program was a pretty nice experience for me who hadn't been in America before. The people in Midwest America are friendly, humble and easy-going. It's a great chance to allow me to get closer to American culture, people and education. I'm impressed by the management, infrastructure and value of U of M. It's an open and free environment, which encourages any student to pursue excellence in academy, sports, leadership, and other perspectives. International students have access to assistance and care from school, which made us feel that we were welcome and not isolated by any local community. I opened my eyes and got more confidence and positive thinking during the exchange at Ross. I'd like to recommend students from my home school HEC Paris to have exchange experience here." -Shun Chen, MBA Exchange Student from HEC Paris 
"I loved my first football game in Ann Arbor. It was an exhilarating experience! Fall is probably the most beautiful time to visit Ann Arbor. You get a bit of summer, fall and winter, with a touch of snow. Ann Arbor is a proper student town that is fun to live in as it not only has a young vibe to it but also the University spirit you are looking for." -Devika Punchhi, BBA Exchange Student from The Business School, City University of London
"During my exchange period in Ross, I truly enjoyed the inclusive environment with students that embrace innovative mindsets and pursue excellence. The World Class programs have broadened my insight into a broad area of business and granted me a valuable network to global leaders." -Tsz Tsung Tam, BBA Exchange Student from HKUST Business School
" Overall, I could not have asked for a better outcome of my exchange abroad. When choosing Ross School of Business I had high expectations that were exceeded. I enjoyed every moment of being part of the U of M student body and I am eager to stay involved as a U of M alum. Ross is a great place to grow as an individual while also meeting great people and benefiting from an amazing environment. GO BLUE!!!" -Lukas Ebner, MBA Exchange Student from University of St. Gallen
"I really enjoyed my time in ann Arbor and had a great experience. The town offers everything you need and Ross is an excellent Business School. I take away many new friendships, cultural experiences and impressions from my travels throughout the US." -Henrik Harold Engelkamp, BBA Exchange Student from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
"A semester at Ross is truly a fascinating experience. The possibilities of learning and growing are limitless. Nurture your curiosity by taking classes with top teachers, discover a truly American campus, and meet some of the friendliest students I've ever come across. I've lived those past 4 months at 200%, and I can assure you it was more than worth it. Forever Go Blue!" -Edouard Bapst, BBA Exchange Student from HEC Paris
"I had a great time in Ann Arbor, and it was all about the people! I made friends that I will keep for life. It's best not to be shy, get out there and meet as many people as possible - you can never go wrong making a new friend." -BBA Exchange Student from ESSEC
"Life at U of M had everything! Great classes and teachers, so many interesting people to talk to, this atmosphere in the Big House (buy season tickets!), and even some time to travel. Go and see for yourself what makes Ross and the University of Michigan so perfect!" -Alexander Blum, MBA Exchange Student from WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
"Robust academic infrastructure and great classes have changed my view on business. I could have access to the school's extensive database, which has improved my research capabilities tremendously. Especially, the Navigating Change class has given me invaluable insight about how to lead an organization and what kind of leader I should become." -Hwanhee Lee, MBA Exchange Student from CEIBS