Explore More with Global MBA Specializations & Dual Degrees

Customize your MBA experience to fit your specific career plans. Pursue a complementary passion — such as public policy, healthcare, or sustainability — with a dual degree, or go deeper in another area of interest through one of our focused programs. 


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Concentrations and specializations

Design Your Own

Student-initiated dual degree available at Michigan Ross

Our accelerated Global MBA Program still allows you to concentrate on particular topics of interest. With careful planning, focused programs enable you to do just that. 

Business and Sustainability Concentration

Combine a passion for sustainability and environmental impact with your Michigan Ross MBA. Focus on environmental protection, social well-being, and economic performance through courses that cover climate change, food security, energy, water, the built environment, manufacturing, and more.   

Data and Business Analytics Concentration

If you want to leverage analytics to provide data-driven business insights, this concentration will provide the competitive edge you need to turn data insights into actionable recommendations.

Design Thinking and Innovation

Find meaningful solutions to people's needs with a human-centric approach to design thinking and innovation. This 12-credit concentration is geared toward MBA students interested in design thinking, project management, or related careers in tech, consulting, and impact, among others.

Healthcare Management Concentration

Prepare to lead in healthcare. Combine courses at Ross with healthcare course work at top-ranked schools across campus. Add to your multidisciplinary education with relevant campus events, professional clubs, and recruiting support. 

Real Estate Development Certificate

Real estate development impacts climate change, social relations and equity, public finance, foreign policy, capital markets, and more. Learn to look at real estate through an interdisciplinary lens while earning a graduate certificate.

Specialization in Management Science

The STEM-designated Specialization in Management Science is a 14-credit program, taken in addition to the core MBA curriculum, that includes a wide variety of courses. Students who successfully complete this program and meet employment requirements may be eligible for the 24-month STEM OPT extension. 

Create Your Own Dual Degree

At Michigan Ross, you can pave your own path. Dual degrees are a great way to tap into the power of the university and pursue the subjects that interest you most. 

Environment & Sustainability

The Erb Institute offers a three-year MBA/MS Program to explore your passion for creating environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable organizations.


Be ready to navigate complex, data-driven business problems with a three-year, MBA/MSI dual degree. Enrich your understanding of topics like human computer-interaction, user experience, and data science and analytics.


Learn to make a legal case and a business case in this four-year program that leads you to MBA and JD degrees.

Public Health 

Do more in public health with a dual degree that prepares you for management and leadership. This three-year program is offered jointly through Michigan Ross and the Department of Health Management and Policy at the U-M School of Public Health. 

Public Policy

If you’re eager to take on pressing societal issues from a multidisciplinary perspective, consider pursuing an MBA and MPP in a three-year dual-degree program jointly run by Michigan Ross and the U-M Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. 

Additional options include:

  • Architecture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction Engineering
  • Educational Studies
  • Higher Education
  • Industrial and Operation Engineering
  • International and Regional Studies
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Naval Architecture
  • Social Work
  • Urban Planning


Student-Initiated Dual Degree

Center for Positive Organizations

Go Beyond with Centers, Institutes & Initiatives

Amplify your MBA experience with one of the many leadership, research, and innovation opportunities offered through our centers, institutes, and initiatives. Whether you’re curious about sustainability in business, researching emerging-market economies, or tackling complex social challenges, there are plenty of ways you can pursue your passion outside of the classroom. 

Centers, Institutes & Initiatives