Immersive Courses, Dynamic Delivery, Global Impact.

Accelerate your path to senior leadership through a combination of rigorous fundamentals, action-based learning, and hands-on experiences. Three global leadership experiences and a global term abroad provides unique opportunities to strengthen your leadership skills and expand your network. 

Program Schedule
Benefit from an accelerated 15-month format with three global leadership experiences.

Core Courses  Electives  Global Leadership Experiences

Core Courses: March - August
(Mid-Late February)
Winter B

Global Leadership: Foundations

Develop your leadership skills while expanding your understanding of the global business environment to enable your organization to thrive in today’s dynamic, competitive, global marketplace.

of Financial Accounting
ACC 591
Marketing Management
MKT 591
Leading People and Organizations
MO 593
Applied Business Statistics
TO 595
Management Accounting
ACC 593
Global Leadership: Practicum
Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP)
BA 591
  Applied Microeconomics
BE 591
Financial Management
FIN 591
  Corporate Strategy
Operations Management
TO 593


Elective Courses: September - April
Competing in the Global Business Environment
Global Semester at a Ross partner
Students may choose a full term abroad for up to 15 credits or a half-term abroad to take global business and management courses on-site in another country.

Students remaining in Ann Arbor will enroll in Michigan Ross winter term elective courses.
Elective courses
Global Leadership: Field Study 
Business Law Requirement: Choose at least one approved course in your fall term.  
The Michigan Ross Management Communication Competency requirement must be satisfied through testing or coursework.  

Global Leadership Experiences
Expand your skills through our focused foundations experience held during orientation, our signature Global MAP course practicum, and an in-country field experience.

Global Leadership Foundations

Global Leadership Foundations dives into various key areas to accelerate your career in today’s global economy, with leadership development as a primary focus. Carefully selected topics addressing leader development and globalization will be presented by Michigan Ross faculty. This experience will help you unlock your personal capabilities and increase your influence. You will develop your leadership skills and  expand your understanding of the global competitive landscape to help you thrive as a leader.

Global Leadership Practicum

Put your learning into action with our renowned Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) course, the epitome of the Michigan Ross commitment to action-based learning. Over seven weeks, you and your team will work together to devise a creative solution to a critical organizational challenge at a sponsoring company. Projects may involve on-site travel to locations inside or outside the United States. Regardless of travel, all projects will involve global thinking, whether they be market entry projects, operations in other countries, or feasibility/benchmarking for international markets.

More about Global MBA MAP

Global Leadership Field Study

The Global Leadership Field Study aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of business and cultural customs in another country. The 2022 field study is planned to take place in Argentina and will present students with a solid understanding of the Latin American business environment, a broad knowledge of Argentina and its culture, and international networking opportunities. Classroom instruction will be facilitated by Michigan Ross faculty and complemented by visits to companies in various sectors, lectures from Latin American faculty, and interactions with local students and U-M alumni.

Elective Courses
Integrate your education with your individual interests

Benefit from the flexibility to focus your studies on a specific area or broaden your studies over a variety of disciplines. In the fall, you'll have the opportunity to take a full term of electives. Select from elective options at Michigan Ross and across the University of Michigan. 

Some of our most popular electives include: 

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Development (STRAT 682)

Entrepreneurial Turnaround Management (ES 735)

Big Data Management: Tools and Techniques (TO 640)

Business Leadership in Changing Times (MO 611)

Marketing Engineering and Analytics (MKT 630)

Integrated Product Development (TO 548)

Global Semester
Apply to study abroad at one of our partner schools around the world

The Global Semester Exchange program gives you the opportunity to study at one of our distinguished partner schools and explore global business and management on-site in another country during your final winter term. Select one of our distinguished partner schools in Asia, Australia, Latin America, or Europe to learn about business from diverse perspectives, experience other cultures, and network with students, faculty, and business professionals from around the world. Choose to study abroad for seven weeks (for up to nine elective credits) or for the full 14-week semester (for up to 15 elective credits).

Post-MBA Research Project
Apply your learnings through a focused, integrative effort

Students completing the Global MBA with a VPA of 2.5 or above are invited to apply for the Post-MBA Research Project. Enhance your education through a comprehensive, self-directed research project that integrates all that you have learned and provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in a topic relevant to your employer. Research new product lines, improve an existing process, develop new management directives, or plan a strategic path to implement upon return to your employer. Available exclusively to Global MBA students, the project is offered for seven or 14 weeks in the fall term following graduation. Under the guidance of a faculty advisor, you'll apply the knowledge gained at Ross to a real situation faced by your employer. Then, you'll deliver a final report and present your proposed solutions.

Tentative Research Project Schedule (Class of 2023)



Through March 5, 2023

Students prepare research plan and initiate a discussion with an advising professor to obtain consent. 
March 6, 2023 Students submit research plan and application with faculty consent to the Global MBA Program Office for approval.

April-June 2023

Approved students who required a student visa to earn their MBA must individually apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT) following guidelines from the University of Michigan International Center.

Aug. 31, 2023

Students pay project fee: $1,000 for the 7-week project and $2,000 for the 14-week project.

Sept.-Oct./Dec., 2023

Students conduct research under the guidance of advising faculty.

Oct./Dec. 2023

Students present the results of their research to their advising faculty and, ultimately, to their employer.

Leadership Development
Strengthen your leadership capabilities

Your Global MBA experience begins with an engaging leadership workshop hosted by the Sanger Leadership Center. During the workshop you'll learn about the Michigan Model of Leadership; explore diverse approaches to leadership; identify your personal strengths, liabilities, and gaps; and surface personal leadership biases or tendencies. You can also participate in our annual Leadership Crisis Challenge, which prepares students to lead in high-pressure, high-stakes situations. Discover your true leadership potential through these and other opportunities from the Sanger Leadership Center.

At Ross you can also challenge yourself to participate in clubs, case competitions, and conferences that connect students with executive and thought leaders from various industries around the world.

See also:

Leading People and Organizations MO 593

Business Leadership in Changing Times MO 611

Bargaining and Influence Skills – Negotiation Strategy in a Global Economy MO 512

Leading a Good Life MO 620


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