We believe the most beneficial case study is your own. Let’s work through it together.

At Michigan Ross you’ll be engaged in action-based learning, so you’ll not only learn new concepts and ideas, you’ll deploy them. Whether you participate in person, online or blended learning program, our world-class faculty guide you through highly interactive sessions, simulations, and real business projects, giving you advanced practices you can immediately apply. By fusing proven research and practical application, you get the best of both worlds.

Michigan Ross faculty are leading global researchers who are adept at translating academic work into business practices that get results. You can explore their work by visiting Ross Thought in Action. Articles, videos, and interviews with faculty and global business leaders provide keen insight into today’s most pressing business challenges.

Whether you’re looking to advance your career, refresh your skills, improve team performance, develop a pipeline of leaders — or have another objective altogether — Michigan Ross Executive Education is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and delivering a high return on investment.

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