William K. McInally Memorial Lecture Series

The William K. McInally Memorial Lecture Series was initiated in 1966 to honor the memory of William K. McInally, who served on the University of Michigan Board of Regents from 1960 until 1964. The lecture series, which is open to the public, is supported by an endowment fund established by McInally’s family, friends, and the University of Michigan to continue his legacy.​​


(R)evolution: From Segregation to Elevation

Dr. Aletha Maybank
Physician, educator, and health equity advocate

Edward Buckles
Award-winning filmmaker, director, and producer

Jalen Rose
Philanthropist, journalist, and former professional athlete


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This is America

Maria Hinojosa
Trailblazer, journalist, entrepreneur, voice for the unheard

Dr. Rashad Richey
Political and social commentator, activist, philanthropist, and advocate

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Gloria House
Poet, essayist, educator and human rights activist 

Malik Yakini
Educator, farmer and food justice advocate 

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The (Mis)Education of US

Angela Davis
Activist, Scholar, and Writer​ 

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Unraveling Hard Truths: Racism and Inclusion in Education and Society

Julie Putnam
Principal/Founder of James Grace Lee Boggs School in Detroit

Tim Wise
Author and Educator

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Challenges and Hope for Today and Tomorrow​

Hill Harper
Actor, Author, and Philanthropist

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Mindful Brilliance: The Deliberate, Courageous Path to Purpose

Susan L. Taylor 
Founder and CEO
National CARES Mentoring Movement 


Dream Makers and Why They Matter

Wil Haygood
Author and Journalist


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The Power of One

Ndaba Mandela
Grandson of Nelson Mandela,
Co-Founder & Chairman of Africa Rising Foundation


University of Michigan Annual MLK Keynote Address

Harry Belafonte

Co-Sponsored with Office of Academic Multicultural Initiatives.


Behind the Dream: The Making of the Speech that Transformed a Nation

Clarence B. Jones
Adviser, Lawyer, and Speech Writer for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


An Afternoon with Adrian Fenty

Adrian Fenty
Former Mayor Washington D.C.


U.S.-China Relations in the Obama Administration:  Continuities and Changes

Kenneth Lieberthal
William Davidson Professor of Business Administration, Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Political Science, Distinguished Fellow and Director for China at the William Davidson Institute, and a faculty associate at the Center for Chinese Studies.


Survivorship: Evolution of an Organization

Jerry White
Co-Founder and Executive Director
​Landmine Survivors Network, Washington D.C.


The Other Side of War

Zainab Salbi
Founder and CEO
Women for Women International, Washington D.C.


What the Titans Can Teach Us: Lessons from the Giants of Enterprise

Richard S. Tedlow
Class of 1949 Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School renowned author and specialist in the history of business


The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty Through Profits

C.K. Prahalad
Harvey C. Fruehauf Professor of Business Administration; Professor of Corporate Strategy and International Business, Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan and Co-Director, Center for Global Resource Leverage: India


Central European Transition: Opportunity of American Diplomacy and Business

Ronald N. Weiser
United States Ambassador to the Slovak Republic


Post-Bubble, Post-Scandals: Restoring the Credibility of American Business Leadership

B. Joseph White
Wilbur K. Pierpont Collegiate Professor; Professor of Business Administration, Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan


Madeleine Albright Addresses Alumni

Madeleine Albright
Former Secretary of State
Distinguished Scholar of the William Davidson Institute, University of Michigan


Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics: Thoughts for the U-M Community

William C. Martin
Director of Athletics, University of Michigan


The Future of the Internet Beyond the PC

Walter S. Mossberg
Personal Technology Columnist: The Wall Street Journal


U.S. Policy in Asia

Kenneth G. Lieberthal
William Davidson Professor of Business Administration and
Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan


Corporate Responsibility in the Era of Shareholder Value

James A. Henderson
Chairman and CEO, Cummins Engine Company Inc.


The University: Some First Principles and Several Recommendations

Lee C. Bollinger
President, University of Michigan


Rebuilding The American Dream: The Challenge of Our Cities

The Honorable Dennis W. Archer
Mayor, City of Detroit


Competing For The Future: Challenges To Internal Governance

C.K. Prahalad
Professor of Corporate Strategy and International Business, Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan


At The Crossroads

Felice Schwartz
Founder and President Emerita, Catalyst


Trans-Pacific Cooperation: A Challenge in the 1990's

Dr. Amnuay Viravan
Deputy Prime Minister, Thailand


Business and Environment: A Time for Creative and Constructive Coexistence

Garry D. Brewer
Dean, School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan


A Great Time to be Alive - Economically Speaking

Paul W. McCracken
Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, Economics and Public Policy,
University of Michigan


The United States and Europe: A Guide to the New Decade

The Honorable Rozanne L. Ridgway
President, the Atlantic Council of the United States


Europe 1992 - Fraternity or Fortress?

Gerrit Jeel
Vice Chairman, N.V. Philips of the Netherlands
Chair, North American Philips Corporation


The AIDS Epidemic: Politics & Science

June E. Osborn, M.D.
Dean, School of Public Health, University of Michigan


Global Ethics: Our Responsibility

Andrew Young
Mayor, City of Atlanta, Georgia


Challenges Facing Bank Regulators

Martha Romayne Seger
Member, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System


Business and the Press: A Strategic View

William S. Rukeyser
Managing Editor, Fortune


A Report Card on Reaganomics

Murray L. Weidenbaum
Director, Center for the Study of American Business, Washington University
Former Chairman, President's Council of Economic Advisors


The International Financial Scene: Crisis or Adjustment

R.T. McNamara
Deputy Secretary of the Treasury


Managing the Defense Department: Why It Can't be Done

Dr. Harold Brownformer
Secretary of Defense


Appropriate Science for Marketing

Dr. William N. Hubbard Jr.
President, the Upjohn Company


Regulation by Indictment: The Criminal Law As An Instrument of Economic Control

Francis A. Allen
Edson R. Sunderland Professor of Law, University of Michigan


A European Look at the World Economy

Herbert Giersch
Professor of Economics, Kiel University, Federal Republic of Germany
Director of the Institute for International Economics


Can Pluralism Survive?

Assar Lindbeck
Professor of International Economics, University of Stockholm, Sweden
Director, Institute for International Economic Studies


Capital Shortage: Real or Imagined?

Andrew Felton Brimmer
Thomas Henry Carroll Ford Foundation
Visiting Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration


Fears and Fallacies: Equal Opportunities in the 70s

The Honorable Judith Green
U.S. Representative from Oregon


Can We Control Inflation?

James S. Duesenberry
Professor of Economics
Chairman, Department of Economics, Harvard University


U.S. Policy in the World Economy

Marina N. Whitman
Member, Council of Economic Advisors


The Defense Never Rests

F. Lee Bailey
Partner: Bailey, Alch & Gillis


Economic Priorities for the 70s

Paul W. McCracken
Edmund Ezra Day University Professor of Business Administration, University of Michigan


New Imperatives for Today's Policy Makers

H. Bruce Palmer
President, National Industrial Conference Board


The Urban Crisis: A Call for Corporate Action

Joseph L. Hudson, Jr.
President, The J.L. Hudson Company
First Chairman, New Detroit Committee


A Satirist Looks at the World

Dr. Richard Armour
Distinguished author and lecturer


Campus and the Corporation

Arjay Miller
President, Ford Motor Company