Maya Ambady Headshot

Maya Ambady

Class of 2025

Before coming to Ross, I spent three years at Penn Medicine's Center for Healthcare Innovation, where I used design thinking to find creative ways of reducing provider burnout and shift care to the home. I loved working on "wicked" problems and working with providers, patients, and operators to solve them. From there, I moved to the Albright Stonebridge Group's health team, where I helped life science companies on their market entry strategy in international markets, and on Private-Public Partnerships to improve access to care. 

Together, these opportunities helped me to realize that making an impact in the healthcare space would require business knowledge, prompting me to go to business school. I knew Ross would be a great fit because of its incredibly strong healthcare ecosystem, entrepreneurship ecosystem, and its commitment to action-based learning. I was sold, however, upon meeting all the open-hearted and supportive students and alumni who would be my future network. 

Feel free to reach out to me with questions on healthcare, entrepreneurship, impostor syndrome, moving to Ann Arbor (with a very cute dog and partner) after only living on the coasts, or navigating graduate school in general.