Business Law and Ethics

Course Code
BL 300

3 hours

Business Law and Ethics --- This is a core course in the Junior Integrative Semester. If focuses on the role of law in positive leadership development and organizational success. The course has two main goals: (1) to develop legally savvy leaders who are able to achieve career success by understanding the legal and ethical aspects of their business responsibilities and (2) to show how organizations can achieve competitive advantage by reducing legal risk and using the law to create economic value, while also encouraging responsible conduct. The course examines legal and ethical issues that every businessperson should understand to make sound business decisions in a global environment. It provides an overview of the legal system, the nature and uses of law, ethical decision-making frameworks, business organizations and agency, contract law, torts and the law of product liability, criminal law, the regulatory environment, intellectual property, employment law, securities law and mergers and acquisitions law.