Corporate Financial Policy

Course Code
FIN 621

2.25 hours
Graduate Standing and (FIN 503 or 513 or 551 or 591 or waivers) and (no credit in FIN 721)

Corporate Financial Policy --- This course analyzes a firm from the CFO's viewpoint. We assume that the CFO's job is to deal with three types of decisions: 1) manage the cash flows of the firm; 2) decide how to finance operations; 3) choose payout policy. Specific topics include forecasting funding needs of the firm, designing financial policies to support the firm's product market strategy, tradeoffs in the choice of an optimal capital structure, procedures and costs of raising capital including private and public equity, and the determinants of optimal payout policy. This is an applied course that will primarily use case studies to introduce financial tools needed to make value-enhancing business decisions.