Effective Business Presentations

Course Code
BCOM 369

3 hours
BBA Junior Standing or BBA Senior Standing or BusAd Minor

Effective Business Presentations --- This advanced course in business communications builds upon previous business communication core courses by teaching the conceptual foundations behind effective delivery during business presentations. Nonverbal and vocal expressions play a significant role in communication. While most people have an intuitive sense of the meaning behind nonverbal expression, few can say they understand the actual facial, vocal, or physical gestures that shape their perception. This course will examine the role these elemental expressions have on communication effectiveness by thoroughly reviewing and discussing conceptual frameworks and empirical work on the topic. In addition to the conceptual analysis, there is a lab component to the course that enables students to apply what they have learned by developing their own skills in public speaking. Students will learn how to evaluate their own nonverbal and vocal patterns and will have an opportunity to expand their repertoire of speaking skills. This includes learning how to respond to fielding difficult questions, handling hostile audiences, crisis communication, and engaging the audience through story telling.